HPE Apollo 6000 Gen10 Installation and Startup Service provides the installation of your new HPE Apollo k6000 chassis including associated compute server trays, integrated network fabric switches, HPE Apollo Platform Manager (APM), and supported OSs, Windows® or Linux®, as more specifically identified in the following sections. This service is designed to assist you in bringing your new HPE Apollo 6000 Gen10 system and supported OS into operation in a timely and professional manner.


Help provide efficient and effective HPE Apollo 6K Gen10 infrastructure setup and server deployment

Provide delivery of the service at a mutually scheduled time convenient to your data center

Offer fast installation, provided all service prerequisites are met prior to commencement of service

Ensure verification prior to installation that all service prerequisites are met

Help reduce implementation time and cost

Provide more effective IT resource planning allowing your IT resources to stay focused on their core tasks and priorities