HPE Customer Support Technical Assistance Day Service provides you with the flexibility to customize tasks beyond the scope of Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s standard technical services. Highly trained technical service specialists can assist you with a variety of operational, optimization, and assessment activities.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s approach is based on thorough analysis, planning, and rapid execution to help address the technical challenges you face. Using proven techniques and processes gained from extensive experience in many successful engagements for enterprise clients worldwide, our technical specialists help you reduce the cost, timeframe, and business risk typically associated with a broad range of technical, change management, and project management activities. The end result is a solution that will help you to meet your business needs.

HPE Customer Support Technical Assistance Day Service is available for all Hewlett Packard Enterprise supported products.

This service does not include installation and deployment-related activities, which are part of a separate service, HPE Installation & Deployment Assistance Day Service.


Accelerates your time to operational effectiveness

Provides your IT staff with assistance on a wide variety of IT operational management and optimization activities through Hewlett Packard Enterprise best practices and experienced Hewlett Packard Enterprise technical specialists

Helps reduce business risks and project costs by providing specialized skills

Allows your IT resources to stay focused on their core tasks and priorities

Provides cost-effective supplemental assistance and services