HPE Tech Care Service is the operational support service for HPE hardware and software products (including on-premises and as-a-service versions). HPE Tech Care Service can help IT teams focus on moving the business forward by proactively searching for better ways to do things, as opposed to just focusing on reactive issues.

HPE Tech Care Service enables direct access to product-specific specialists and provides general technical guidance to help Customers not only reduce risk but also find ways to do things more efficiently. HPE Tech Care Service Customers can access support through multiple channels that include telephone, a real-time chat facility, automated incident logging, and HPE moderated forums with defined response times. Customers gain access to expert technical resources with specialized knowledge in hardware and/or software within the context of the specific workload and can help the Customer avoid spending time answering triage or entitlement questions.

HPE Tech Care Service goes beyond traditional support by offering General Technical Guidance for the operation, management, and security of the supported product.

In addition to traditional technical support, HPE Tech Care Service includes access to the HPE service portal, an enhanced and personalized digital experience that provides actionable data about HPE products, service cases and support contracts covered under the HPE Tech Care Service. Customers can more easily manage their assets by recognizing the various products installed in the Customer’s environment and how these products interact with each other. New self-service tools allow Customers to perform certain activities without having to open a support incident, as well as providing a portal of curated knowledge resources. HPE Tech Care Service provides access to HPE resources who will help drive operational excellence and performance optimization from edge to cloud.


Phone access to experts and Coverage Window

Customers may contact HPE support by telephone 24 hours a day 7 days per week to log support incidents. Response times will depend on the service level of the covered product.

2-hour standard response (Basic service): For calls on products covered by a basic service agreement, HPE shall provide a 2-hour phone response from a product specialist during the coverage window. Support incidents received outside coverage window shall be acknowledged the following coverage day.

Remote response nine hours per day during local HPE standard business hours, excluding weekends and HPE holidays, unless otherwise agreed by HPE.

Next business day on-site coverage: Next-business-day on-site response for covered hardware. Support incidents received outside the coverage window shall be acknowledged the next coverage day and serviced within the following coverage day.

For all other incidents, HPE may connect the Customer to a product specialist or call the Customer back within one hour.

Expert online chat and Expert forum response

Expert online chat: Customers can initiate an online chat with a specialist technical resource to ask questions, get help, or general technical guidance. Expert online chat is provided so Customers can obtain quick answers to technical questions about their HPE product.

Expert online chat is limited to English language only, requires that the user be registered with HPE service portal and is available during the service coverage window. Availability may vary for certain products. Refer to hpe.com/services/expertchat for details or contact your local HPE Sales rep.

Expert forum response: Customers can post questions, issues, or discuss usage of products within the HPE community forums. HPE product specialists respond within two business days to any unsolved questions raised within the official HPE community forum for products covered by HPE Support services.

Where posts raise topics that should be addressed through standard support processes, HPE requests that a formal support incident is created and follows the standard HPE incident management processes.

The specialist technical resource response is limited to English language only and requires that the user be registered with HPE service portal and has registered service agreements.

General technical guidance

HPE endeavours to provide general technical guidance for Customer questions and enquiries specific to the topic areas outlined in the following regarding the operation and management of the Customer’s products covered by HPE Tech Care Service.

General technical guidance is available through the telephone, web, and chat communication channels and is subject to the service coverage window of the service agreement and will be treated as a severity 3 incident.

General technical guidance is available through the telephone, web, and chat communication channels and is subject to the service coverage window of the service agreement and will be treated as a severity 3 incident.

When related to the topics detailed/described in the following, HPE identifies knowledge documents, videos, and knowledge base articles to assist with topics raised.

HPE Proprietary Service Tool assistance

For HPE products that are supported by HPE Proprietary Service Tools, HPE provides support and advice for their setup, configuration, and usage. Further for those connected products, HPE extends general technical guidance to include analytics and the events and recommendations provided.

For configured HPE products, on request, HPE assists Customers to understand the issues, events, and information provided by HPE Proprietary Service Tools.

Where analytics provide recommendations, HPE can provide qualification of the analysis, the recommendation, and the general next best actions in line with general technical guidance.

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