Buyer's Guide : Hybrid Cloud Security for Dummies

Buyer's Guide | PDF | 4.06 MB

Ensure your organization's hybrid cloud strategy protects your data and keeps you in compliance with government and industry regulatory requirements.

Analyst Report : 451 Report: Critical Security and Compliance Considerations for Hybrid Cloud Deployments

Analyst Report | PDF | 350 kb

The greatest barrier to cloud migrations is security and compliance in the hybrid cloud space. Organizations often struggle with practical considerations, which can prevent them from achieving some of the most valuable benefits of hybrid cloud deployments. This report details a number of steps organizations can take to move toward a secure and compliant hybrid cloud.

Analyst Report : Forrester Brief: A Clear Multicloud Strategy Delivers Business Value

Analyst Report | PDF | 190 KB

The systems of engagement driving today’s business growth often rely on cloud computing for its agility, flexibility, and cost effectiveness. In isolation, each of these systems may depend on a single cloud provider, but the broad portfolio of tools deployed across the enterprise creates a far more complex landscape. This report from Forrester helps CIOs develop an effective strategy to understand and manage the diverse cloud resources upon which their businesses depend.

Video : The Proliferation of Hybrid Cloud: An Interview with Forrester Research


Hybrid cloud is top of mind for enterprises around the world. Its flexibility allows organizations to find the right mix of models to accommodate their specific workloads. In fact, over half of enterprises adopt more than just one cloud deployment model. However, facilitating this multi-cloud world isn't easy. Management, integration, platform learning curves, and network connectivity all become more challenging. Recently, HPE Comissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study (1) evaluating hybrid cloud adoption trends around the globe, including the perceived challenges, drivers, and benefits of their hybrid cloud investments. As part of our series, we’ll discuss with Lauren Nelson from Forrester Research the key insights customers can use as they determine their right mix of hybrid Cloud. (1). "The Proliferation Of Hybrid Cloud, a January 2017 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of HPE."

Analyst White Paper : Hybrid IT: Best practices for workload placement

Analyst White Paper | PDF | 487 KB

When it comes to workload placement in a Hybrid IT environment, there are many choices – Private Cloud, Public Cloud, SaaS, Traditional IT, plus a variety of factors that influence your decision. What are the Hybrid IT trends related to workload placement? What are the top factors that influence workload placement decisions? Where are other companies placing various workloads now and in the future? How are you determining optimal workload placement in a Hybrid IT environment? Getting workload placement right is vital today because by making the right choices, organizations can optimize and better control costs while giving users the data and services essential to growing and developing the business. Download the 451 Research report today to learn the best practices you can use as you make workload placement decisions in a Hybrid IT environment.

White Paper : Best Practices for Hybrid IT: Tips for Midsized Businesses

White Paper | PDF | 540 kb

Implementing a hybrid IT environment? Download this guide from HPE and Frost & Sullivan to learn practical tips for midsized businesses that will help you succeed.

White Paper : Combine the Best of On-Premise Virtualization with Public Cloud

White Paper | PDF | 170 KB

Explore how to combine the best of on-premise virtualization with public cloud to reap the benefits of faster delivery, improved reliability and savings on IT costs.

White Paper : How Small and Midsize Firms Can Improve the Quality of Customer Engagement

White Paper | PDF | 185 KB

For small and midsize businesses, processing data cost efficiently can be a challenge. Learn how to improve customer engagement by investing in the right solutions.

White Paper : The New Productive Workplace: Mobile Resource Strategy in Midsize Firms

White Paper | PDF | 155 KB

Download this IDC report and learn about the importance of infrastructure upgrades on the mobile worker experience.

White Paper : Take the Next Step to Becoming a Best-in-Class Mobile Organization

White Paper | PDF | 226 KB

Organizations are taking the next step in mobility solutions. Learn about the current challenges and how these technologies are changing many areas of business today.

White Paper : Frost & Sullivan Report: Unshackle Employees to Drive Productivity

White Paper | PDF | 2.3 MB

As a small or midsize business, learn how mobility, unified communications & collaboration and hybrid IT solutions can support enabling a more productive workforce.