Reshaping IT with cloud solutions

Recent years have seen rapid growth of cloud computing. From startups creating cloud-native applications to enterprises shifting their IT operations to the cloud, virtualised computing resources and pay-as-you-go pricing are rapidly reshaping IT practices.

Public, private or hybrid?

Public cloud computing isn’t right for every workload. Compliance standards may require confining certain functions to private data centres.

Balance costs

While pay-per-usage pricing can be an advantage, in some cases, public cloud can actually be more expensive than in-house solutions. 

How to optimise your cloud

To maximise flexibility and efficiency while minimising costs, many organisations choose private cloud or hybrid cloud computing.

Hybrid and private cloud computing

Structure your dedicated data centre to function exactly like public cloud, with virtualised computing resources made up of the shared capacity of many machines. Create a hybrid cloud solution by integrating public cloud to add capacity and lower costs.

Success in action
Magellan Robotech logo

Magellan Robotech uses HPE OneSphere

HPE OneSphere enabled Magellan Robotech to streamline their operations and provide better support to their customers.


Magellan Robotech needed to streamline access to multicloud resources to keep pace with market demand.


HPE OneSphere accelerated application development, testing and go-to-market.

“HPE OneSphere is about self-enablement. It supports our legacy, current and future application stacks.”

Graham Banner, Head of IT Operations, Magellan Robotech


With OneSphere, Magellan was able to gain immediate insight into their environments, track costs and deploy applications more quickly.

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