Looking for an integrated, end-to-end development platform for application development and management from the both the data center and the cloud? Docker Enterprise Edition from HPE is a commercially supported subscription bundle featuring the necessary components for implementing containers in any environment. The Basic Edition includes the container engine and orchestration while the Standard Edition adds several layers of image and access management, you can even add security scanning and vulnerability monitoring with the Advanced Edition. Docker containers deliver the agility and portability needed to modernize applications, reduce conflicts, and speed innovation in hybrid environments. Whether on virtual machines, bare metal, or in the cloud Docker allows you to safely build, ship and run applications efficiently on your infrastructure of choice.

What's new

  • Docker Enterprise Edition upgrades are now available for Microsoft Windows Server 2016. Easily upgrade the embedded Docker Enterprise Edition Basic in WS2016 to either Standard or Advanced Editions.
  • Docker Security Scanning included


Increase Agility

Docker Enterprise Edition from HPE accelerates software delivery by providing an integrated end-to-end platform for application development and management from the data center to the cloud.

Quickly innovates to respond to changing business needs by being able to re-use code so developers can build and deploy applications in a self-service manner.

Increase Portability

Docker Enterprise Edition from HPE can unify your hybrid cloud infrastructure for workload portability without requiring changes to the application code.

Move workloads from development to test to production and from data center to the cloud by re-using your existing code.

Avoid cloud lock-in and move applications across data centers, clouds, networks and storage without disruption.

Increase Control

Docker Enterprise Edition from HPE allows you to standardize your environment to mitigate risk and manage applications and infrastructure as you scale.

Provides enterprise-level security for secure container runtime with flexible controls to create an enterprise software supply chain to support your business.

Monitor, manage and scale application services and infrastructure resources without disrupting the application code.