HPE InfoSight

Eliminating wasted time and headaches by transforming how your infrastructure is managed and supported.

Artificial intelligence for the data center

Dealing with unexpected problems due to infrastructure complexity is a headache of the past. HPE InfoSight paves the way for autonomous infrastructure, predicting and preventing problems before they can affect your business and turning support into an experience you actually like. There’s no need to worry about infrastructure anymore—HPE InfoSight takes care of it for you.

Machine learning in the cloud

Every second, HPE InfoSight analyzes and correlates millions of sensors from all of our globally deployed systems. HPE InfoSight continuously learns as it analyzes this data, making every system smarter and more reliable.

Drive down your OpEx by 79%

Enterprise Strategy Group quantifies the impact HPE InfoSight has on IT costs and time spent managing storage. Research is based on an unbiased study of HPE and non-HPE customers.


of issues automatically predicted and resolved1


guaranteed availability2


of problems resolved are beyond storage3

Predicts and prevents problems

HPE InfoSight constantly watches over your environment and predicts problems, even those outside of storage. And, if it uncovers an issue, HPE InfoSight proactively resolves it and prevents other systems deployed globally from experiencing the same problem.

Sees what others can’t

HPE InfoSight sees from the past to the future across your entire infrastructure. It takes the guesswork out of managing infrastructure and simplifies planning by accurately predicting capacity, performance, and bandwidth needs.

Transforms vendor support

HPE InfoSight transforms the support experience into one you actually like. Since 86% of problems are auto-resolved,1  HPE Nimble Storage has eliminated the need for Level 1 and 2 support. Speak directly to Level 3 in the rare case you need support. Never recreate a problem, send log files, or be escalated again.

What’s New

What’s New
HPE InfoSight has been extended to 3PAR. The first release includes cross-stack analytics that pinpoint bottlenecks in virtualized environments and the foundation to enable predictive support.
  • "The support experience with Nimble is excellent. In the rare event that you need to call them, you will get a knowledgeable technician in a matter of minutes. There is no sitting on hold, giving information, waiting for a callback… In most cases, Nimble support is proactively calling us to fix a problem we haven’t seen yet. 4"

    Justin Giardina, CTO, iLand Internet Solutions

Let’s bring artificial intelligence to your data center

Speak with an expert from HPE Storage about how we can help you avoid disruptions and simplify infrastructure management.


White Paper : HPE Nimble Storage sets six nines availability standard

Nimble Storage Six Nines Availability White Paper
White Paper | PDF | 1.05 MB

Nimble Storage achieves six nines measured availability using predictive analytics and data science as the core architecture of every system.

Infographic : Machine learning boosts application uptime


Machine learning boosts application uptime

Infographic : Predictive is the new requirement for virtualised infrastructure


Predictive is the new requirement for virtualised infrastructure

Analyst Report : ESG Report: Machine Learning Delivers Better IT Insights

Nimble Storage Infosight Machine Learning ESG Report
Analyst Report | PDF | 211 KB

Discover how predictive analytics and machine learning can help optimize application performance and meet the needs of the business with Nimble Storage Infosight.

Reference Guide : Can Machine Learning Prevent Application Downtime?

Machine Learning Nimble Storage Labs Report
Reference Guide | PDF | 1,39 MB

Improve performance and application availability by closing the app-data gap using data science and machine learning predictive analytics from Nimble Storage.

White Paper : Are you accurately measuring app performance?

White Paper

Are you accurately measuring app performance?

Infographic : Machine learning delivers greater than six nines infographic


Machine learning delivers greater than six nines infographic

Video : InfoSight predictive analytics chalk talk

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Video | 5:38

InfoSight predictive analytics chalk talk

Video : HPE InfoSight Overview

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Video | 18:16

HPE InfoSight Overview Webinar

1, 2, 3. Based on HPE Nimble Storage’s installed base

4. Quoted in ESG white paper