Businesses are challenged with keeping mission-critical applications and infrastructure running while ushering in new transformative technologies, such as cloud, artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data. Managing all this can be difficult, often requiring specific skills and a variety of tools.

HPE GreenLake Management Services can help you by managing your current IT, when and where you need it. HPE offers unique intellectual property, skills, experience and automation, through a local IT Operations Centre based in Newcastle, New South Wales - backed by 23,000 global experts. Services can be tailored to meet your requirements and range from operating an entire data centre to managing specific environments, such as SAP HANA.

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Get the HPE GreenLake experience

HPE GreenLake Management Services provides 24x7 Monitoring, Operations, Administration, as well as Optimisation Services that proactively diagnose, analyse, and improve your environments. From infrastructure up to virtual environments, operating systems and workloads. This service is designed according to industry standards, i.e. ITIL® and according to HPE’s best practices.

HPE Greenlake Management Services provides cost predictability and potential savings as your volume grows, benefitting from a model that fits your capacity planning needs. Focused on driving your business forward, Hewlett Packard Enterprise partners with you to help you run your IT with optimal performance, reliability, cost efficiency and performance. This enables you to free up staff for more valuable activities whilst retaining overall control of your IT environment.

Innovate faster

Free up your staff to better address business needs with technology and have more resources for innovation.

Simplify IT

Deliver a great experience to your customers when HPE cost-effectively monitors, operates, and administers.

Gain flexibility but keep control

HPE GreenLake Management Services take care of routine maintenance, but leave you in control of innovation.

Leverage the best

Rely on HPE experts as you leverage new technologies and applications, short term or for the long run.


Leveraging the combined power of platform, process, and people, HPE partners with customers to run any or all aspects of their IT environments.

On average, HPE GreenLake customers report:


Greater reliability

Less unplanned downtime


Simplified IT

Less time spent "keeping the lights on"


Improved efficiency

More efficient, overall


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Denmark’s largest grocer keeps a close eye on customer preferences and operational efficiencies by harnessing big data with SAP HANA.
Dutch hospital secures storage headroom as data continues to grow
Flevoziekenhuis implemented a new solution that enables optimal patient care with a pay-per-use model that reduces cost and provides for future growth.
Architectural lighting firm improves its SAP environment
Erco replaced aging IT infrastructure with SAP HANA and remote infrastructure management, enabling more stable IT operations and time for strategic tasks.