HPE Synergy for composable infrastructure versus Cisco UCS technical white paper

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In a world where time is the new currency, simplicity is a must-have. Meet HPE Synergy: the new composable engine that effortlessly runs hybrid infrastructure with incredibly fast service delivery times and high operational efficiency vs. unified computing solutions.

This white paper offers a comparative overview of HPE Synergy and Cisco UCS infrastructure including:

  • 4 reasons to switch from Cisco UCS to HPE Synergy
  • 3 ways switching protects your investment
  • 10 points of TCO comparison
Table of Contents

Introduction 2

HPE Synergy-more unified than Cisco UCS … 2

HPE Synergy-simpler than Cisco UCS … 4

HPE Synergy-more future-proof than Cisco UCS … 6

Total cost of ownership: HPE Synergy versus Cisco UCS … 9

Conclusion … 10

Appendix: System assumptions and parameters of TCO comparison … 10

Resources … 11

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