Are you struggling with managing heterogeneous storage across the different platforms?

In today’s business world, mergers, acquisitions, and technology changes have created IT environments where varieties of dissimilar servers and storage must co-exist. HP XP7 External Storage Software decreases the stress and reduces the cost of owning heterogeneous data storage by simplifying and centralizing common SAN management tasks through storage virtualization. In addition it simplifies movement of data between dissimilar arrays. It provides these benefits by giving you the ability to access, monitor, and manage data residing on a variety of different disk arrays as if all of the data were residing on an HP XP7 Storage.

Through advanced virtualization technology, HP XP7 External Storage Software enables the hosting of XP7 Storage data on externally attached disk arrays. Servers can see the capacity of the various arrays, but are insulated from the physical attributes.


Reduces Costs Through Efficient Data Management

HP XP7 External Storage Software connects open systems and mainframes through a central location to multiple petabytes of data residing on dissimilar disk arrays. It increases the capacity that you can manage and eases consolidation when you have a wide variety of storage and computing systems.

After external volumes have been provisioned and presented to the HP XP7 Storage, the software allows you to manage the capacity of those volumes from the XP7 Storage systems centralized controller and management software as if it belonged to XP7 Storage volumes - simplifying management.

Data contained within the HP XP7 External Storage Software virtualized storage pool can be transparently migrated to any device within the pool without SAN or server reconfiguration. This provides flexibility and improved efficiency while reducing impact on users.

HP XP7 External Storage Software is included in HP XP7 Array Manager Suite for further cost efficiency in managing HP XP7 Storage.

Supports External Storage

When you use HP XP7 External Storage Software to connect your disk storage to an HP XP7 Storage, the externally attached disk arrays appear to be part of the HP XP7 Storage. You can simplify your backup and restore environment by using a single backup agent for all of your diverse disk arrays.

Use HP XP7 External Storage Software with confidence, knowing you can connect HP disk arrays like the HP MSA, HP EVA as well as XP7 Storage families.