Storage Device Management Software

Do you need to simplify your storage environment to enable growth and reduce complexity?

Then HPE XP7 Intelligent Storage Manager is the application you need. HPE XP7 Intelligent Storage Manager is a configuration management tool that reduces the complexity of managing HPE XP storage systems. HPE XP7 Intelligent Storage Manager’s intuitive Graphical User Interface enables a short learning curve, and gives users at-a-glance status of XP storage resources. Built-in configuration intelligence provides best-practice recommendations to help users simplify deployment, management, and maintenance. Quickly and easily create parity groups, pools, and volumes, then set replication policies for up to 50 XP storage systems. Intelligent Storage Manager reduces complexity and the effort required to manage storage resources, allowing for more time to focus on strategic revenue generating initiatives.


Improve Storage Administrator Productivity by Reducing Complexity and Simplifying Management

HPE XP7 Intelligent Storage Manager’s intuitive GUI streamlines storage life-cycle tasks. Deploy, monitor, and tune storage infrastructure using just a few clicks of the mouse. Use recommended best practices to simplify deployment and get it right the first time.

Use the comprehensive dashboard view to quickly assess storage infrastructure status. See alerts for HW, capacity, and data protection. Drill down into storage resources to view available capacity. If action is needed, tasks which previously took hours can be done in minutes or seconds.

HPE XP7 Intelligent Storage Manager easily integrates into existing environments with no disruption. The REST-API interface allows easy integration with existing infrastructure management tools, and lessens the learning curve.

HPE XP7 Intelligent Storage Manager Drives Efficiency and Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Use HPE XP7 Intelligent Storage Manager as the single interface to manage all storage life-cycle needs. Minimizing the need for multiple applications and differing resource skills.

Deploy new or modify existing configurations in a fraction of the time. Allowing more time to focus on strategic initiatives.

Create and deploy service level profile tiers to match SLA requirements. Easily deploy only the resources that are required, no more or less.