HPE Library and Tape Tools is a free, downloadable, and robust diagnostic tool for all Hewlett Packard Enterprise tape storage products. Provided for untrained administrators as well as experienced professionals, it is ideal for customers who want to verify their installation, facilitate product reliability, perform their own diagnostics, and achieve faster resolution of tape device issues. HPE Library and Tape Tools performs firmware upgrades, verification of device operation, failure analysis, and a range of utility functions. Performance tools assist in troubleshooting bottlenecks and system configuration checks warn of common host issues. It also provides seamless integration with Hewlett Packard Enterprise support by generating and e-mailing test results and support tickets. Our support desk will require the use of this product to troubleshoot most device issues, so it is recommended that a support ticket is pulled and the device assessment test is run before calling.

What's new

  • Library & Tape Tools version 4.30 is now available


Achieve Faster Resolution of Tape Device Issues

HPE Library and Tape Tools actively measures the health of your Hewlett Packard Enterprise tape hardware.

Get the most out of your device through access to operational, health, and usage data in support tickets.

Easy access to any advisories for your standalone drives and libraries.

Troubleshoot system performance issues.

First-level failure analysis of both the device and system without HPE involvement.

Robust Diagnostic Tool

HPE Library and Tape Tools reduces product downtime through firmware updates, preventative maintenance, and fast issue diagnosis with corrective actions.

Access to comprehensive device analysis and diagnostic tests.

Identify the most common host system configuration issues.

Integration with HPE support

HPE Library and Tape Tools is an outstanding support tool used by the Hewlett Packard Enterprise hardware support organization.

Generate and email comprehensive support tickets to the support center for faster troubleshooting.