Complete Storage Solution

Do your IT architects have a cost-effective method of determining the best infrastructure to support their various application workloads? Do they have a uniform basis for understanding how the underlying infrastructure is performing once it is deployed? What is needed is an infrastructure performance analytics solution that enables intelligent analysis of infrastructure options and provides an authoritative understanding of performance, health and utilization from the Virtual Machines, across the switching network, and to the 3PAR storage.

The HPE Complete VirtualWisdom Solution offers a comprehensive infrastructure and workload performance analytics solution that addresses these key challenges. It helps storage professionals increase performance, speed troubleshooting and optimize costs by aligning infrastructure with business needs.

Available as part of the HPE Complete program, for more information see the QuickSpecs.


Rich Performance Management

The HPE Complete VirtualWisdom Solution is an entity-centric performance management tool enabling you to manage in the way that makes the most sense based on roles, responsibilities or concerns.

Helps avoid problems with highly accurate trending and analysis using continuous, real-time, unbiased monitoring. Uses performance trending to identify hardware degradation and to enable preemptive component replacement before failure.

Speeds troubleshooting by pinpointing of root causes and impacts on infrastructure and application performance.

Provides the ability to determine if configuration changes are affecting application or infrastructure performance by examining system latency.

Use this solution to determine the best 3PAR storage and switch price/performance configuration, or identify the best cluster and host to deploy a virtual machine (VM) based on available capacity and expected VM workload across CPU, memory, I/O and network.

Rich User Interface and Live Reports

The HPE Complete VirtualWisdom Solution offers a comprehensive view of the entire open-systems stack to find problems undetectable by software-only monitoring. IT teams can see the stack from the point of view that makes the most sense to their specific role or concern.

You can build charts and reports for viewing by other members across your organization, including non-technical teams where SLA concerns often matter most.

Offers comprehensive analysis and collaboration and enables informed decisions based on definitive insights about how applications and infrastructure are performing together.

You can collaboratively fine-tune infrastructure performance based on business, application, workload and SLA requirements.

Case-Based Alarms

The HPE Complete VirtualWisdom Solution delivers a better, much more efficient approach with case-based alarms that are relevant and actionable.

Intelligent alerting so you aren’t notified of “non-events.”

Set multi-variable thresholds and make tuning adjustments on-the-fly with data-informed predictions of resource needs, based on the hourly/daily/weekly/monthly seasonality of business workloads.