Complete Storage Solution

As storage environments get larger and more complex, the customer has a more difficult time understanding their environment. This makes them reluctant to invest further in their infrastructure. By providing the visibility into the environment that the customer needs to plan for (as well as run their day-to-day operations), HPE Complete Partner Arxscan opens opportunity to the vendor that sells Arxview by making them the number one authority and trusted advisor on the customer’s infrastructure by providing that insight through an HPE partnership.

HPE Complete Arxscan Arxview Software brings all of the information needed to analyze and report on the data center together in one light-weight, inexpensive and easy to use solution that always let’s you know where you stand. Meaningful, feature rich reporting also drives the power to provide up-to-date information in both high-level management views and detailed administrator grids on virtually every storage metric.


Low Cost and Quick Deployment

More affordable than any competing product. No set up (or other hidden) fees or additional modules to buy. A simple pricing model scales to make the solution affordable for any size environment.

HPE Complete Arxscan Arxview Software is up and running in as little as an hour, with no disruption to the storage network and without the installation of any agents or in-band devices.

Unified Views of the Entire Enterprise

Arxview reports on the entire storage network regardless of equipment type, vendor, or volume of data. SAN, NAS, DAS and switching are all included in a single intuitive console.

Dozens of metrics covering all aspects of the storage enterprise, from business usage to device statistics.

Arxview shows capacity utilization and trending, power use, line-of-business dependencies and network topologies for end-to-end clarity.

Multiple file level groupings and sorts are available on key data points such as file type, age, size, last accessed and last updated. This allows detailed views of unstructured data while retaining the Line of Business mappings.

Comprehensive Performance

Arxview reports minute-by-minute performance metrics in trended time lines selected by the user for both storage arrays and switching. Graphic views are supplemented with data tables highlighting spikes and anomalies.

Arxview calculates chargebacks based on what is allocated vs. what is actually being used and displays important details about each tier of storage, specific to each business unit.

Arxview delivers even greater value to its customers by collecting and reporting on storage appliance power consumption.

Compatibility and Support

Arxview is compatible with all leading storage types (NAS, SAN, DAS, and switching) and vendors, including Brocade, Cisco, Dell, EMC, FalconStor, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Hitachi, IBM, LSI, NetApp, and Oracle.

Customized report templates are provided at no charge.

Support matrix are updated every month.

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