Are your on-premises deployments of distributed AI and Analytics applications complex and time-consuming?

Does it take weeks or even months for large-scale enterprise implementation with bare-metal infrastructure? BlueData EPIC (Elastic Private Instant Clusters) software platform gives you the ability to quickly, easily, and cost-effectively deploy applications, regardless of the infrastructure, in self-service, elastic, automated, and secure environments. This software can create distributed AI, Machine Learning (ML), and Big Data Analytics environments in minutes rather than months, whether on-premises, in multiple public clouds, or in a hybrid model, allowing you to quickly respond to dynamic business requirements in a variety of use cases. BlueData EPIC software offers flexibility and agility within a seamless infrastructure that is invisible to your end user community of data scientists, analysts, and developers.

What's new

  • Create distributed AI and Analytics environments in minutes rather than months – whether on-premises, in multiple public clouds, or in a hybrid model.
  • Designed to leverage the power of Docker™ containers to simplify and accelerate large-scale AI / ML and Big Data Analytics deployments including TensorFlow, H2O, Spark, Kafka, Cloudera®, and more.
  • Achieve faster time-to-value, reduce costs, and provide ultimate flexibility for your AI / ML and Big Data Analytics initiative for multiple user groups with different use cases.
  • Data science teams can focus on business innovation with AI and data-driven digital transformation instead of worrying about the underlying infrastructure and systems deployment.
  • Provides flexibility in a suite of services for the design, deployment, and configuration of numerous environments.
  • Self-service experience with the data and tools that your end users want, while providing enterprise-grade security.


Self-Service Environments with Flexibility for Tools of Choice

With BlueData EPIC Software platform’s ElasticPlane functionality, your data science teams can create their own containerized environments on-demand within minutes while accessing data in on-premises or cloud-based storage.

Fully configured applications are automatically provisioned with just a few mouse clicks, whether they’re transient for development and testing, or long-running for a production workload.

Data scientists and analysts can now quickly respond to dynamic business requirements for a variety of use cases ranging from deep learning with TensorFlow to analytical SQL on Hadoop.

BlueData EPIC Software includes an “App Store” for common AI / ML and Big Data Analytics applications, distributed computing frameworks, and data science tools. Additionally, add your own preferred tools and quickly upgrade to new versions while providing the ultimate in agility and configurability.

Highly Performant with Compute and Storage Separation

BlueData EPIC Software has developed patented I/O optimization innovations to deliver the agility benefits of Dockerª containers for AI / ML and Big Data Analytics, while ensuring performance comparable to that of bare-metal servers.

BlueData IOBoost functionality provides application-aware caching and elastic resource management that adapts dynamically to changing application requirements, delivering the best possible performance.

BlueData EPIC Software disconnects analytical processing from data storage, giving you the ability to independently scale compute and storage on an as-needed basis to improve efficiency and reduce costs. With BlueData EPIC, you have unparalleled flexibility to mix and match infrastructure.

Run the BlueData EPIC Software on-premises on any infrastructure, on multiple public clouds (Amazon¨ Web Services, Google¨ Cloud Platform, or Microsoft¨ Azure), or in a hybrid model, providing more effective utilization of resources and lower operating costs.

Access Data from any Storage

With BlueData EPIC Software’s DataTap capability, access data from any shared storage system (including HDFS and NFS) or cloud storage (e.g. Amazon S3). This means you don’t need to make multiple copies of data or move data, before running your analysis.

Sensitive data can stay in your secure storage system with enterprise-grade data governance, without the cost and risks of creating and maintaining multiple copies or moving large-scale data.

Highly Secure

BlueData EPIC Software provides multi-tenancy and data isolation to ensure logical separation between each project, group, or department within the organization.

The platform integrates with enterprise security and authentication mechanisms such as LDAP, Active Directory and Kerberos providing more secure access with increased functionality.

Different project teams, groups, or departments across the enterprise can share the same infrastructure and access the same data sources for their AI / ML and Big Data analytics workloads lowering operating costs.

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