Do you need increased computing performance for high performance computing (HPC) and deep learning? The HPE Apollo 6500 Gen10 System is an ideal HPC and deep learning platform providing unprecedented performance with industry leading1 GPUs, fast GPU interconnect, high bandwidth fabric and a configurable GPU topology to match your workloads. The ability of computers to autonomously learn, predict, and adapt using massive data sets is driving innovation and competitive advantage across many industries and applications are driving these requirements. The system with rock-solid reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) features includes up to eight GPUs per server, NVLink for fast GPU-to-GPU communication, Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors support, choice of high-speed / low latency fabric, and is workload enhanced using flexible configuration capabilities. While aimed at deep learning workloads, the system is suitable for complex simulation and modeling workloads.

What's new

  • Eight GPUs per server for faster and more economical deep learning system training compared to more servers with fewer GPUs each. Get more done, in less time.
  • NVIDIA® NVLink™ connects GPUs at up to 300 GB/s for one of the world’s most powerful computing servers. AI models that would consume days or weeks can now be trained in a few hours or minutes.
  • Enterprise RAS with HPE iLO5, easy access modular design, and 2+2 power supplies.
  • Save system administration time and cost with HPE iLO5 for a lower TCO.
  • The HPE ProLiant XL270d Gen10 server, the latest in the popular HPE Apollo 6500 system family.


Accelerated Performance for GPU Intensive Workloads

The HPE Apollo 6500 Gen10 System supports up to eight NVIDIA GPUs or other accelerators, delivering up to 125 Tflops single precision compute performance.

A powerful server host having high speed / low latency network, NVMe drives, and high speed HPE DDR4 SmartMemory.

Supporting today's leading accelerator technologies, whether traditional PCIe accelerators or NVIDIA® NVLink™ GPU

Designed for reliability with today's most demanding accelerators. Dependable performance, with power and cooling designed around 350W accelerators and consistent signal integrity for reliable operations.

Flexibility for HPC and Deep Learning Environments

The HPE Apollo 6500 Gen10 System offers a choice of NVIDIA® NVLink™ for increased bandwidth and a PCIe option for traditional GPU and accelerator support.

Multiple accelerator topologies supported - Hybrid Cube Mesh for NVIDIA® NVLink™ with 4 topologies for 4 or 8 GPU to match your workloads; 4:1 or 8:1 GPU:CPU flexibility in PCIe.

Extensive storage options, with up to 16 front-accessible storage devices, SAS/SATA solid-state drives (SSDs) with up to four NVMe drives.

Comprehensive choice of enterprise options, operating systems and HPE Pointnext support flexibility.

Resilient, Secure and Simple for Lower TCO

The HPE Apollo 6500 Gen10 System delivers resilient power with 2+2 power redundancy.

Efficient system management and security. HPE iLO5 enables saving time and cost. Also, this is one of world’s most secure industry standard server using HPE iLO5.

Easy to service and upgrade with its easy access modular design and rear cabled fabrics.

All-in-one design with integrated power supplies simplifies deployment in a standard 1075 mm deep rack.

  • 1.
    NVLink 2.0 provides industry leading performance with dedicated GPU-to-GPU communication
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    Performance numbers are Peak Theoretical Performance numbers
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