Direct Attach Copper and Active Optical Cables

What if you could increase the speed in your data center interconnect by 2.5 times with a similar price point as 10 Gb cable connections?

HPE SFP28 Direct Attach Cables are designed to meet the increasing demand of higher bandwidth in the data center. 2.5x bandwidth over 10 Gb allows reduction of the number of cables and connection ports required to achieve higher bandwidth throughput.

With similar prices as those of 10 Gb cables, these cables can significantly reduce CapEx and OpEx spending on interconnect connections. 0.5-5m connection distance allows efficient and cost-effective in-rack communications.


HPE SFP28 Direct Attach Cables contain a single high-speed copper pair, operating at data rates of up to 25 Gb/s.

Bit-error Rate (BER) better than 10-15.

RoHS 6 compliant.

Single 3.3 V power supply voltage.

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