What if you could increase bandwidth while reducing cable complexity and expenditure on power cooling and space? HPE 100Gb QSFP28 Active Optical Cables (AOCs) provide more than two times the bandwidth comparing to 40Gb cables to meet the exponential data growth in Telco, e-Commerce and high performance computing (HPC). The 100Gb QSFP28 AOCs are much lighter and lower power than traditional copper cables. With reaches of 7, 10 and 15 meters, HPE 100Gb QSFP28 AOCs are ideal cable solutions for high–density data center and high performance computing applications, allowing smooth and flexible transition from 40Gb to 100Gb.


HPE 100Gb QSFP28 AOCs offer 2.5 times the bandwidth of 40Gb cables.

Cost-effective alternative to transceivers for short distance fiber optic connection.

Smaller bend radius, lower power consumption and lower weight compared to DACC.

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