Cloudline CL Servers

Do you have challenges delivering Big Data, cloud storage, and near-instantaneous compute all in one server? HPE Cloudline CL2200 Gen10 server is a versatile open infrastructure that delivers storage and Big Data. Powered by two Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors, it is ideal for storage and Big Data workloads in combination with high IOPS computing demands. This chassis supports up to 24 Small Form Factor (SFF) or 12 Large Form Factor (LFF) front accessible hard disk drives with optional 2 SFF rear disk drives delivering outstanding storage capacity in a 2U chassis. For accelerated high IOPS, performance, and critical workloads requirements, HPE Cloudline CL2200 Gen10 Server supports up to four front-accessible NVMe SSDs delivering improved performance. A wide selection of high-speed networking options with great flexibility including open compute project (OCP) mezzanine or PCIe interfaces are available.


Versatile Open Server Platform for Dense Storage and Big Data

HPE Cloudline CL2200 Gen10 Server offers up to 24 SFF or 12 LFF front-accessible hard disk drives with optional 2 SFF rear disk drives for cloud and storage-intensive environments and Big Data workloads.

Delivers up to 144 TB of storage per chassis to support data center application or cloud storage workloads.

Supports up to eight PCIe slots and one OCP mezzanine card for rich I/O flexibility.

High-Performance Input/Output for Computing Analytics and Performance-Driven Workloads

HPE Cloudline CL2200 Gen10 server supports up to four front accessible NVMe SSDs delivering fast computing analytics for critical storage workloads.

Supports up to two Intel Xeon Scalable processors delivering up to 22 cores for demanding workloads.

HPE Cloudline CL2200 Gen10 server provides up to 1.5 TB memory for increased dense, speed-sensitive environments, and virtual machine applications with 24 DDR4 DIMM slots.

Easy and Fast Deployment with Integrated Industry-Standard Firmware

HPE Cloudline CL2200 Gen10 server delivers rack-level integration and testing to support drop in place delivery, fast power up, and operational readiness.

Supports industry-standard baseboard management controller (BMC) with IPMI standard interfaces allowing simple or scripted integration into an application infrastructure.

Customized service and support aligned to Hyperscale data center deployments for service providers.

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