WLAN Management/Security Software

Aruba Virtual Mobility Master Software is the next generation of master controller that can be either deployed as a virtual machine (VM) or installed on an x86-based hardware appliance. The Mobility Master provides a better user experience, flexible deployment models, simplified operations and enhanced performance.

Aruba Mobility Master is deployed as a virtual machine (VM) for more memory and compute power to address today’s technology needs for mobility and IoT. It provides automatic RF optimization for high density environments and enables hitless failover in an unlikely event of a controller outage.


Centralized Configuration and Visibility with Aruba Mobility Master

Aruba Virtual Mobility Master Software consolidates all-master, single master multiple local, and multiple master-local deployments into a single deployment model.

Mobility Master and managed devices are set up from a centralized dashboard simplifying and streamlining the configuration process.

ArubaOS 8 uses a centralized, multi-tier architecture that provides a clear separation between management, control, and forwarding functions.

Enhanced WLAN Performance

Aruba Virtual Mobility Master Software with ArubaOS 8 extends the capabilities of the Aruba WLAN to be more intelligent.

AirMatch intelligently automates Wi-Fi tuning, while the NorthBound APIs provide unparalleled visibility to the network.

Better Stability for User Experience with Controller Clustering

Aruba Virtual Mobility Master Software uses controller clustering that enables seamless experience across giant campuses, in the event of a failure or significant crowd density.

Even distribution of users across controllers ensures large amount of available throughput for each user enabling automatic user loading.