HPE IMC Intelligent Analysis Reporter (IAR) Software extends the reporting capabilities within HPE Intelligent Management Center (IMC) to include customized reporting. These reporting capabilities enable network administrators to perform proper analysis of activities on the network such as network usage and topologies.

IMC IAR Software makes customization easy by including a report designer, which can save designs into templates making reporting easy and consistent. IMC IAR Software automates the process by generating reports when you need them and distributes them to key stakeholders.

What's new

  • Collect in-depth data about network usage and users.
  • Includes reporting design tools and templates.
  • Automate report distribution to key stakeholders
  • Export reports into a variety of formats.


Delivers Reporting Design Tools That Are Flexible and Easy To Use

HPE IMC Intelligent Analysis Reporter (IAR) Software presents a visual design environment which allows administrators to create reports and report templates with ease.

With the available reporting wizards, you can easily link right to the data you want to analyze.

Supports a variety of report export formats including Excel, PDF, XML, CSV, and TXT.

Automates the Reporting Process with Scheduling and Distribution

HPE IMC Intelligent Analysis Reporter (IAR) Software makes report management easy with automatically scheduled reporting.

Administrative work is minimized with the IMC IAR Software report distribution function which automates report distribution to specific stakeholders via email.