HPE IMC Remote Site Manager (RSM) Software is an HPE Intelligent Management Center (IMC) module that interacts with the hardware platform to deliver centralized management for branch networks regardless of their physical locations, presence of firewalls and Network Address Translations (NAT) devices.

In this model, IMC is deployed at the corporate headquarters and the IMC Remote Site Manager Software is deployed at branch networks, reducing the need for branch devices to support special protocols. IMC and IMC RSM communicate via either HTTP or HTTPS for higher security in your transmissions.

What's new

  • Comprehensive and efficient remote site management.
  • Browser-server model for easy login and monitoring.
  • Isolated local network discovery.
  • Support for firewalled remote networks.


Comprehensive Management of Branch Networks

The HPE IMC Remote Site Manager (RSM) Software manages firewalled remote networks utilizing Network Address Translations (NAT) or proxy offering flexibility.
Reduces the need for devices in branch networks to support special network management protocols.

Provides centralized advanced security features to agents at remote sites regardless of location for easier network administration.

Manages Each Branch as an Independent Unit

The HPE IMC Remote Site Manager (RSM) Software discovers all entities belonging to a single branch in an isolated fashion, making branch management easier and insulated from each other.

Network administrators can efficiently manage the status of Internet, DHCP, and DNS services for their branch networks.