iLO Amplifier Pack (Integrated Lights-Out) is an at scale inventory and update management tool which enables customers with large Gen8, Gen9 and Gen10 Hewlett Packard Enterprise server deployments to get rapid up-to-date inventory and automate firmware and driver updates. It also assists in manual and automated recovery of systems with corrupt firmware. It scales to thousands of servers reducing personnel and downtime. It is a pre-tested solution which allows maintenance to come from the administrator at a console with a browser-based GUI versus having to physically touch each unit or create and manage customized scripts. It has an integrated discovery engine that identifies components that need to be updated on servers and take care of inter-dependency issues. Current version of iLO Amplifier Pack available for download is v1.55.

What's new

  • Available as a KVM appliance for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP4, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server15 SP1
  • Ability to automatically download an updated package and update the appliance when a new version is available
  • Ability to schedule the daily transmission of Active Health System (AHS) data to HPE InfoSight
  • Ability to stage firmware and driver updates to the iLO Repository and then deploy the staged updates at a later date or time (HPE Gen10 servers only)
  • Allow the firmware and driver updates of servers whose iLO has been configured in CNSA (Commercial National Security Algorithm) mode (HPE Gen10 servers only)
  • Allow customers to opt-in to send the IP address and hostname of each server to HPE InfoSight


Brings the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning of HPE InfoSight to Servers

iLO Amplifier Pack (Integrated Lights-Out) serves as the collector and transmitter of all server health, performance and configuration to HPE.

Enables HPE InfoSight Global Operational Dashboard a consolidated view of the status, performance, and health of the server infrastructure including system information, server warranty and support status.

Enables HPE InfoSight Global Wellness Dashboard a consolidated view of the health of the server infrastructure including recommendations.

Enables HPE InfoSight predictive data analytics for parts failure and data analytics for server security.

Support for HPE ProLiant servers, HPE BladeSystem servers, HPE Synergy compute modules, and HPE Apollo systems (Gen10, Gen9, and Gen8 servers with iLO 5 and iLO 4).

Easily and Rapidly Inventory Servers

Enables customers with large server deployments to get rapid up-to-date inventory and automate firmware and driver updates.

Rapidly discovers and completes basic inventory of thousands of Gen10, Gen9 and Gen8 HPE servers in minutes using HPE iLO Federation.

Supports a range of iLO IP addresses to discover and inventory servers if HPE iLO Federation is disabled or not used.

Offers detailed hardware, firmware inventory and iLO license reports for viewing and downloading for further analysis.

Hassle Free Server Updates At Scale

iLO Amplifier Pack supports both online and offline mode for firmware and driver updates.

Update multiple servers in a single task while iLO Amplifier Pack takes care of batching these updates sequentially.

Provides user configurable alerts in user interface or via email and if this then that (IFTTT) on task status and errors.

Combined with the SPP and Maintenance Service Bundles (MSB), Hewlett Packard Enterprise delivers a complete solution for keeping servers up and running with the most current firmware and driver updates.

Allows iLO Amplifier Pack to automatically download the updated package and update the appliance when a new version is available or download the update package in the background and allow the user to manually update.