Protect your data in the cloud: Cloud and flash-integrated data protection and archiving solution brochure

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Learn more about HPE Cloud Storage solutions that protects data across all consumption models and efficiently utilizes low cost cloud storage for long-term data retention.



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This report discusses considerations and solutions for successful Cloud-based Data Protection


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This report examines key considerations for the customer journey to cloud storage and discusses how HPE’s built for cloud storage platforms are helping enterprises to maximize the potential of their cloud storage initiatives.


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Data protection is a topic of concern for IT managers as well as for a growing number of company executives and managers who rely on data in order to operate their businesses.


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Read about HPE data protection solutions for Microsoft Azure Stack and Microsoft Azure which delivers zero impact, flash speed protection while leveraging your existing backup application.

eBook : Multicloud Storage for Dummies

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Incorporating multicloud storage into your cloud strategy may be your ticket to success. Download this guide and learn how to accelerate digital transformation.


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Learn about how HPE Cloud Volumes can help you move into the right multicloud storage solution that mitigates risk and offers significant cost benefits.


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Learn more about HPE Nimble Cloud Volumes, an enterprise-grade cloud computing storage service for running applications on Amazon Web Services and Azure.

Video : Leverage the economics, agility, and flexibility of the cloud for modern data protection

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This immediately cloud-enables your backup applications without the need for a separate gateway appliance or any additional infrastructure.


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The “Optimized Data Protection for Hybrid IT” solution brief describes how HPE’s Hybrid IT Data Protection solution can reduce risk and ensure resilience for your business critical applications and data.


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HPE Data Protection solutions provide a one stop to cover the complete continuum of data protection to meet any service level, any time - whether on-premises, virtual, hybrid or public cloud.

Blog Post : Realise the value of cloud-ready data protection

Blog Post

HPE Cloud Bank Storage is on general availability! Let’s take a closer look at how cloud-ready data protection delivers simple, efficient and secure backup and disaster recovery to the cloud.