The HPE Diversity Startup program is here to help.

The HPE Diversity Startup program wants to support the growth of women and minority founders to get started and accelerate the growth and thrive in the digital age. This HPE force for good program provides complementary cloud services vouchers to eligible companies with our trusted HPE GreenLake service provider partner. Apply here to tell us your story and see if HPE can support your business.

“The HPE Diversity Startup program will make a huge impact on Joyuus. Working closely with Alpha 3 Cloud, we have gained invaluable IT guidance and access to cloud services, ensuring we can scale as our business grows – securely and affordability. HPE's commitment to promoting diversity and supporting innovative startups is truly commendable, and we're honored to be a part of this empowering program.“

Kristine Merz, Co-founder of Joyuus with Lisa Marceau

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Is Cloud Computing a Good Fit for my Start-up

To determine if cloud is the right fit for your startup consider service requirements, technology landscape, costs, and migration ease. Answering these questions will help you understand if the cloud is a good fit. In most cases, companies benefit from cloud solutions.

Starting or moving to the cloud makes sense in several situations, including:

When purchasing and/or maintaining on-premises solutions are too costly

Cloud solutions are an affordable alternative to acquiring and managing infrastructure and can help preserve capital.

When your IT staff is smaller

Managing in-house IT requires a lot of expertise on hand. Instead, outsourcing services to a cloud provider can eliminate the need to hire more IT staff.

When you need to spin up an environment quickly

The cloud allows for pay-per-use infrastructure to be quickly spun up or down, making test and development easy

When you need a backup or disaster recovery solution

The cloud is easy to deploy, allowing you to quickly put business-critical solutions in place that can prevent catastrophic data loss and more.

HPE Diversity Startup Program benefits

Transparent and scalable
  • Scale to your exact requirements
  • No one size fits all bundling
  • Freedom to burst to meet current demands
Reassuringly simple to use
  • Scope and provision new resources in just a few clicks
  • Simple interface to connect all of your data
  • Full visibility over your existing resources and current spend
Open and flexible
  • Work with whatever tool or operating system you prefer
  • Manage your cloud through the same management tools as your on-premise
  • Supports all x86 applications for simple migration
Expertly supported
  • Developer level experts available within 30 seconds
  • Fully trained solutions architect team available for design consultation
  • Support available 24x7 - 365
Zero vendor lock-in
  • No ingress fees
  • Free data egress tier
  • Ability to move your data in and out of the cloud to suit demand

HPE Diversity Startup program application

Apply here to tell us your story and see if HPE can support your business.

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