Secure connections from edge to cloud

Deliver better experiences through more secure, seamless connectivity

No matter where you are on your journey, HPE's secure networking expertise, AI-powered tools, integration capabilities, and flexible consumption models can help you deliver and scale secure, connected experiences.

See how Trinchero Family Estates are driving value at the edge, leveraging connected devices and data insights to create new efficiencies.

Meet the demands of hybrid working, AI, and innovation—without increasing security risk or complexity. Security-first, AI-powered networking means you're more secure from the start and have greater visibility and control across all your locations.

Secure connections from edge to cloud

How to protect users, devices, and applications

Simplify the deployment, security, and management of modern networks with built-in, policy-based security that scales from edge to cloud.​

Utilize security-first networking that matches the pace of your business now and into the future. Eliminate painstaking maintenance of access controls for every device in your organization with high-level policies, based on people and roles, that span the entire enterprise.​

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Enable consistently secure access

Leverage a unified SSE platform to ensure uniform security measures across all users, devices, and apps. Enable more secure and consistent access to applications with the experience your global workforce needs—no matter where they are located.​

Connect your business from edge to cloud

Deliver seamless and secure connectivity for every user, device, and application with a single SD-WAN fabric.

How to bring connectivity and security together

As your organization grows and embraces new innovations, protect everyone and everything on the network—without compromising performance or managing multiple platforms, tools, and controls.​

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Connect securely

Ensure the highest performance and availability with real-time monitoring, continuous adaptation, and automated response. Acquire and deliver data across your global enterprise with a unified solution across your hybrid cloud.

Secure access from anywhere

Deliver simplified, secure, anywhere access for every user, device, and application while improving end-user experience—regardless of how or from where they access the network.

Automate network configuration and security at scale

Reduce operational and consumption complexity to focus on delivering innovative business outcomes. Utilize cloud-based management tools that securely scale across your organization’s locations.​

The wireless network for your future

Boost IT, user, and IoT experiences with intelligent, fast, and secure enterprise wireless connectivity that ensures you’re ready for the future.

How to simplify architecture and enhance security

Organizations must adapt to customer and user demands for better experiences, hybrid work, and data-intensive apps. To meet these needs in an increasingly AI-driven world, the network must provide ever greater flexibility and security. Yet advancing key business initiatives while managing a growing volume of network sites and topologies can quickly become overwhelming.

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Evolve your data center network

Simplify architecture, enhance performance, and reduce costs—all with the strongest embedded security​—without deploying or purchasing additional hardware or software.

Improve network availability and performance

Leverage AI and automation to dynamically improve network availability and performance via optimization recommendations, resulting in improved efficiency and business outcomes without expensive upgrades.​

How to gain universal network visibility and control

Organizations adapting to evolving workforce patterns and security threats often struggle with highly fragmented networks. Reduce complexity and risk with a more unified networking and security ecosystem. Get greater visibility and control over users, devices, apps, and workloads—together with a flexible network consumption model to scale up or down as your business needs.​

Explore ways to solve by watching a quick solution video, read the ebook or dive into the products that help solve your edge need.

Manage any size network from the cloud

Unify your networks across branch, remote, campus, data center, and IoT networks—and get AI networking features that provide much-needed visibility, automated workflows, and troubleshooting insights.

Simplify network operations

Built-in network intelligence supports advanced capabilities and smart management options for improved IT and user experiences.​

Pay for what you deploy and grow to what you need

Convert from a CapEx to an OpEx acquisition model and align payments with deployment for added flexibility and budget efficiency.

HPE GreenLake, the open and secure edge-to-cloud platform

Complete your solution with a hybrid cloud operating model across all your workloads and data. HPE GreenLake - the cloud operating experience you have always wanted – flexible and scalable, combining security, visibility and ease of management.

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Protect data from ransomware attacks on premises and in the cloud with an efficient, cost-optimized storage, delivered as a service.


Secure your unified compute operations with zero-trust enabled architectures. Achieve continuous, automatic protection of your infrastructure, OS, platforms and workloads.


Identify devices connecting to your network, authenticate and authorize them, and uniformly apply a robust policy across your wireless, wired and VPN connections.


Preserve data integrity and privacy with built-in security and trusted blockchain technology for distributed machine learning.


Protect your business from evolving threats with the right tools and skills. Boost your cloud security with regular threat assessments and cybersecurity trainings.