EMA Radar Report: Unified Data Analytics
EMA Radar Report: Unified Data Analytics
See why HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric is the award winner for “Enterprise-Ready Cloud Data Lake.” A new EMA Radar Report covers a new category in the data and analytics industry: the unified analytics warehouse (UAW).
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Integration of files, objects, streams, and databases modernizes data infrastructure and breaks down silos. Directly access data data using existing tools, multiple protocols and languages for data analytics and machine learning.

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Modern object store optimized for performance and storage efficiency from edge to cloud.  Integrates files, streams, databases, and objects into a single data infrastructure to simplify data management. 


Modern object store optimized for performance and storage efficiency from edge to cloud.  Integrates files, streams, databases, and objects into a single data infrastructure to simplify data management. 

Frictionless data access
Persistent storage platform
Granular data management
Optimized object store
Frictionless data access
Frictionless data access

Applications or teams can directly access objects or files regardless of where they are located 

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Persistent storage platform
Persistent storage platform

Unify data globally whether at the edge, in data warehouse on-premises, cloud data lake, or other cloud platform. Unique data fabric enables global access to data and keeps data sets synchronized regardless of location.

Granular data management
Granular data management

Unified platform level automation and orchestration automates global security, access control, snapshot/mirroring and replication policies.

Optimized object store
Optimized object store

Object store that is optimized for both storage efficiency and performance. Very large objects are stored for rapid ingestion and retrieval. Small objects optimized for storage efficiency. 

Benefits of HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric

Universal data access

  • Global namespace enables direct access to data no matter its locality
  • Simplify data management by accessing clusters with native S3, NFS, HDFS or POSIX  
  • Broad API support provides direct data access for legacy apps, modern analytics, and AI apps  

Enables Data Ops agility

  • Unified data analytics infrastructure supports batch and real-time data analytics
  • Data store transparently scales to 1000’s of nodes, trillions of objects and exabytes of data  
  • Automated policy-driven mirrors, snapshots, and replication of data wrapped in security ensure right data to right people   

Accelerate innovation

  • Intelligent data placement optimizes for performance and costs
  • Store and analyze data at the edge reducing the need to manually move data before analysis
  • Consistent data security and data sovereignty across cloud and on-premises containers
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  • 57

    lower cost for data analytics 1

  • 52

    less time per query, 20X more queries 2

  • 30

    higher productivity for analytics teams 3

Use Cases for HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric

Analyze data at the edge

  • In-place analysis enables model training or deep learning 
  • Supports real-time actions   

Seamless Scale

  • Designed to transparently scale to large capacities 
  • Unified platform scales all data types in unison to simplify administration

Modern data infrastructure

  • Accelerate time to insights with single trusted data source
  • Secure data sharing across traditional and modern data analytics apps and tools  

Platform level management

  • Global policies consistently secure, protect and manage volumes, objects, tables, and streams 
  • Data and applications scale without increasing IT human resources

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Global data view of distributed data accelerates data analytics and machine learning

Single autonomous infrastructure spans edge to cloud. Global namespace enables multiple teams and applications to share data sets located on the same system. Low-latency database enables operationalizing data analytics.



The HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric (v6) Admin Series courses for system administrators, IT professionals, data architects, and data engineers. You'll gain skills from configuring clusters to how to set up global configuration parameters and configure client access for a data fabric. And learn how to use Access Control Expressions (ACEs) to control access to cluster data and get foundational knowledge as well as hands-on technical experience with a variety of data fabric topics.

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