Software-Defined Networking

Create an intelligent, programmable, centrally-controlled network to master diverse applications and workloads.

Complete Network Modernisation

Keep up with demands from cloud, security, mobility and big data with Hewlett Packard Enterprise software defined networking (SDN) solutions. Give BYOD users access while securing your network at the edge—cost-effectively. Prioritise workers using collaboration tools, like Microsoft Skype for Business, to optimise traffic and enhance the user experience. Give network administrators the edge with the ability to pinpoint, diagnose, verify and solve network issues in real-time, from data centre to branch office.

Build an Open, Application-first Network with HPE Software Defined Networking

Build an Open, Application-first Network

Start with ready-to-go SDN applications for your biggest network challenges. Transform your network security with SDN by having zero-threat protection at the edge. Optimise your network with SDN technology that adjusts dynamically to meet real-time traffic needs. Orchestrate and visualise your entire network for better control and monitoring.

It’s all part of our SDN Open Ecosystem, enabling you to develop open, enterprise-ready networking applications using all the tools and support you need, including our industry-first SDN App Store. The SDN Software Developer Kit lets you create apps for any standards-based, SDN-enabled device by quickly setting up a developer environment and creating applications on the HPE VAN SDN Controller. Gain access to the developer community in our SDN forum where you can participate in developer events and examine SDN use cases, all while backed by our support and expertise.

Benefiting from HPE SDN doesn't require an entire rip and replace of your network. With HPE SDN-enabled infrastructure that works in hybrid mode, you can benefit from SDN wherever and whenever you want in the network.

HPE SDN App Store Opens Doors

Select from a range of ready-to-go SDN applications from the industry’s first SDN marketplace. But, it’s more than just a store. Join the platform discussions to learn and share your own apps with our active SDN community. Deploy directly to the enterprise-ready HPE VAN SDN Controller, the control point for your SDN-enabled network that simplifies management, provisioning and orchestration. 

HPE SDN App Store Opens Doors
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Watch Deltion College Leverage HPE Network Optimiser Video
Deltion College logo

Deltion College Leverages HPE Network Optimiser

Watch a first-hand experience of deploying an open standard SDN solution for over 17,000 students.

UBM Tech logo

UBM Tech Connects with SDN

Read about the realisation of the SDN promise with a low-risk, production-ready SDN platform.

Diversified Agency Services logo

Media Giant Creates Global SDN Infrastructure

“Hewlett Packard Enterprise helped us build a global private cloud that centralised our infrastructure.”

– Jason Cohen, Global CIO, Diversified Agency Services 

RMIT University logo

RMIT Enables BYOD for 90,000 Students

Watch how RMIT University delivers a dynamic network with an HPE software-defined solution.

Rely on a Simple, Open, Enterprise-ready SDN Solution


SDN App Store in the Industry


Downloads of HPE VAN SDN Controller


SDN-Enabled Ports Deployed Worldwide on HPE Switches

Portfolio for SDN Transformation

SDN Infrastructure

Integrate SDN with your legacy network for increased control, customisation and automation.

Network Virtualisation

Overcome legacy data centre network operating models to achieve faster speeds and lower overall costs.

SDN Applications

Get more power, security and flexibility from applications running in a single dashboard. Simply download apps for specific services and reap the benefits of SDN within minutes.


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Video - 3:15

Watch how network administrators can run networks more efficiently using SDN.

Article : HPE Open SDN Ecosystem and SDN Applications

image alt text

Get answers to top questions about HPE Open SDN Ecosystem and SDN Applications.

Article : SDN is Ready for Prime Time

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The SDN market is booming. Read how Hewlett Packard Enterprise is positioned to lead it.

Case Study : The Bama Companies Embrace SDN for Worldwide Business

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Case Study

Supplier to world’s largest restaurant chains uses SDN to meet growth challenges.

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Video - 2:45

South Washington County Schools uses HPE’s Converged Campus to solve networking problems. They have a stable platform to handle the future.

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Video - 2:49

Watch How HPE SDN Controllers and IMC Enable Streamlining for The Bama Companies.

Case Study : Deltion College leverages HPE SDN Lync Optimiser Application

Case Study

Find out about Deltion College's deployment of the HPE SDN Lync Optimiser application.

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Video - 1:53

The HP ESDN solution provides the simplicity, agility and automation to keep the business moving forward.