HPE Modular Data Centres

Decrease time to value from years to weeks with a pre-configured and energy efficient HPE MDC deployment.

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Rapid expansion for the short or long term

When rapid provisioning is required, traditional brick and mortar data centres can impede the expansion process with complicated construction timelines and higher TCO. HPE modular data centres help you account for rapidly changing business environments by bypassing traditional complexities and leveraging your space more efficiently. In addition, the self-sustaining, modular enclosed system helps ensure higher reliability and a lower cost of ownership - all with trusted comprehensive support from a single vendor.

  • "The monolithic data centre is dead – modular data centre construction is the future."

    Michelle Bailey, VP, IDC
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Airbus: The sky is no limit with HPE modular data centre design

Airbus and Hewlett Packard Enterprise partnered to build a resilient cost-effective, environmentally-friendly infrastructure to handle their extensive e-trade. With the HPE MDC, Airbus was able to quickly and economically fire up a high-performance computing environment to boost supercomputing power for aircraft development and compliance testing.

The HPE modular data centre portfolio

Designed for agility

With movable flooring and server row entrances, the HPE DC8 (EMEA) allows for frequent come-and-go traffic and easy access for testing and changes.

HPE POD 20ce

One of our largest MDC units

The HPE DC21 is ideal for infrastructure augumentation and all lights-out data centre scenarios.


Power plus mobility

We offer a smaller unit, the DC4, that is optimally sized for small cloud deployments for medium-sized companies or for small data centres with multifunctional capability.

HPE 240a (EcoPOD)

HPE MDCs available in EMEA markets


Video : Redefine rapid deployment

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With a streamlined single-vendor installation and delivery process, Hewlett Packard Enterprise gets you up and running in matter of days.