A Fintech Sitcom

An Original Comedy Series exploring the everyday struggle to get ahead of AI in financial services.

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When it comes to AI/ML projects, we get it, like, really get it.

Solutions overview: Unleashing the future of banking with AI

Are you competing with ‘born in the cloud’ challenger banks? Trying to Get Ahead of the competition with next generation AI-powered customer experiences? Find out how you can empower key application with the AI platform for banking.

Modernise data analytics with HPE Ezmeral in the age of insight

Every enterprise today has a board-level mandate to create digital advantage from their data – whether to create new customer experiences, cut operational costs, or build new adjacent businesses. Find out how HPE Ezmeral harnesses the power of your data.

Solution guide – HPE GreenLake for ML Ops and NVIDIA-Certified Systems

HPE GreenLake for ML Ops in an on-premises end-to-end solution for data science that includes hardware, software, and services. It brings the cloud to the data centre providing data scientists with an enterprise-scale, data science service that keeps data on-premises. Secure your data science talent and give them the solutions they actually want to use.

Learning and discovery session with HPE’s specialist AI team

Whether you’re at the beginning of your AI journey or have established an enterprise AI strategy, our specialists are on hand to help you Get Ahead for the future of finance.

Your personalised guide

IT Leaders

You are uniquely poised to enable innovation and provide the critical infrastructure your team needs to get ahead of AI projects. This is your guide to do just that.

Data Scientists

Are you wrestling with disjointed, siloed data sets? Butting heads with IT management over compute requests? This is your guide to Get Ahead of AI projects and accelerate time to insight.

Product Managers

An abundance of customer data? Struggling to extract value, on-time, every time? Expectations of AI are high, timelines are short, and talent can seem sparse. This is your guide to accelerate AI projects.


HPE and NVIDIA took over the Breaking Banks Europe podcast to discuss all things artificial intelligence. What is the future of AI in financial services? And what challenges are individuals facing within AI project teams?

Adrian Lovell, HPE’s Chief Technology Officer for the financial services industry, joined by Kevin Levitt, NIVIDIA’s Global Industry Business Development lead for the financial services market, tackle the AI nuances and challenges in developing enterprise AI strategies for the future of finance.


On-premises cloud experience accelerates data science

HPE GreenLake for ML Ops make it easier and faster to get started with ML / AI projects and seamlessly scale them to production deployments.


Stay ahead of the competition with new digital capabilities

As with many industries, financial services is coping with an ever shifting-landscape of new technology, economic factors, government regulation and new competitive entrants.