Remote IT support

HPE Support Automation and Insight Remote Support that monitor your IT environment and provides proactive alerts and troubleshooting support.

Getting started guide

Learn about your connection options, how to configure your devices and how to customise your environment to maximise the reliability of your HPE technology and enable the best possible support services.

This option will limit the number of outbound connections to a single host.

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A choice of connection options

HPE offers multiple options for you to connect:

1: Through a central-connect onsite Hosting Device.

Use this option to monitor multiple device types, including all servers, storage and networking products. This option will limit the amount of outbound connections to a single host.

Central Connection options include:

  • Insight Remote Support
  • OneView Remote Support


HPE Synergy requires OneView Remote Support

2: Through a Direct Connection from each device to HPE.

Devices capable of direct connection include:

  • ProLiant Gen8/Gen9/Gen10 servers
  • BladeSystem c-Class enclosures
  • Select storage devices: 3PAR StoreServ, StoreVirtual and StoreOnce

Step-by-step installation

The Enterprise Information Library contains updated documents listed by title. All Insight Remote Support documents can be found HERE. All OneView documents can be found HERE.

Central connect strategy (Insight Remote Support and/or OneView Remote Support)

Note that HPE Edgeline systems are configured the same as ProLiant Gen8/Gen9 servers via the iLO 4. For configuration information, see the HPE iLO 4 User Guide.

Insight Remote Support

1. Read Insight Remote Support Release Notes first to validate device types and ensure availability and reliability of your connection.

           1A. Insight Remote Support Monitored Devices Support Matrix lists all the supported devices and required protocols. 

2. Read Insight Remote Support Installation and Configuration Guide for installation and configuration of your Insight Remote Support Hosting Device. 

3. Read Insight Remote Support Monitored Devices Configuration Guide for configuration and discovery of devices to be monitored. (Includes protocol information). 


For an additional easy checklist to follow and to validate your steps and ensure a successful installation and configuration of your hosting device and monitored devices please see the Insight Remote Support Quick Installation Guide.

OneView Remote Support

1. Review HPE Remote Support Enablement in HPE OneView FAQ

2. Read OneView Release Notes to validate device types and ensure availability and reliability of your connection.

           2A. OneView Support Matrix lists appliance and firmware requirements, supported hardware, configuration maximums and resources.

           2B. OneView Support Matrix for HPE Synergy lists appliance and firmware requirements, supported hardware, configuration maximums and resources.

3. Read OneView Installation Guide

4. Review references, user guides and white papers as needed. 

Direct connect strategy (embedded remote support)

ProLiant Gen8/Gen9 servers or BladeSystem c-Class enclosures: Use HPE Insight Remote Support and Insight Online Setup Guide for HPE ProLiant Servers and HPE BladeSystem c-Class Enclosures document for direct connect and Insight Online configuration (direct connect start with prerequisite chapter 2).

ProLiant Gen10 servers: HPE iLO 5 User Guide

HPE 3PAR StoreServ storage device setup: Enable connectivity for 3PAR Storage

HPE StoreOnce Systems storage device setup:  Enable connectivity for StoreOnce systems

HPE StoreVirtual Systems storage device setup:  Enable connectivity for StoreVirtual Systems

HPE InfoSight Registration:  Register with HPE InfoSight

Note: HPE InfoSight provides proactive alerting, recommendations and best practices for your connected devices in a cloud-based portal. Please log in with your HPE Passport account to get started. Please review the bulletins, then click the Register Systems link and follow the prompts and instructions provided to register 3PAR StoreServ, StoreOnce, and Recovery Manager Central (RMC).

HPE InfoSight for Servers:  see the Getting Started Guide for how to begin using InfoSight for Servers.

Customise for maximum flexibility

You can organise and manage device groups, solutions, and credentials. You can also expand your remote support environment to monitor multiple locations. Check the installation guide to configure your support automation environment for multiple sites and/or administrators.

Reference the Insight Online User Guide to provide a complete user experience by viewing devices configured across multiple remote support connectivity platforms (environment limitation may apply).

Refer to the online help sites for more information.

Script assisted installation

The scripting capability of HPE ProLiant technology provides an easy and efficient way to configure and maintain management processes in large scale IT environments, saving time and money. The following scripting tools provide a method to configure multiple iLO systems, to incorporate a standard configuration into the deployment process, and to control servers and storage systems.


HPE’s first priority in support automation technology is the security and reliability of the connection. HPE does not collect customers’ application information or business data. Diagnostic data is communicated through a restricted and tightly controlled secure access point. All information collected is encrypted and digitally signed using an X.509 certificate prior to transport to HPE. Data is sent to HPE via secure HTTPS and is stored in a secure data facility in one of HPE’s corporate data centres.


Select: (1) Enterprise Software, (2) Insight Foundation Software, (3) HP Insight Remote Support Next Gen Software.

HPE support contacts

Support for HPE Insight Remote Support is available through HPE's local Response Centres or through HPE Technology Services. 


  • United States and Canada: Call 844.806.3425 and say "Insight Remote Support" on the voice-activated menu.
  • All other Americas countries: Contact your local support centre.

Asia Pacific/Japan

  • China: 400-610-2058-1
  • Hong Kong: 29048338,35597000,22923333
  • Japan: 0120-101-589
  • Korea: 82-1577-2912
  • Taiwan: 0800 211 666
  • All other Asia Pacific countries: Contact your local support centre.

Europe, Middle East and Africa

  1. Contact your local support centre.
  2. Select your country.
  3. Select support.
  4. Select Business Products.
  5. Select Servers, Storage or Networking.
  6. Call the number associated with ProLiant Servers and your support level.
  7. When connected with a support representative, ask for assistance with Insight Remote Support.