Shed the complexity and silos inherent in conventional hybrid cloud environments with category-defining cloud-native data infrastructure that delivers a cloud operating and consumption experience wherever data lives. Stop managing infrastructure — and start simply accessing and utilizing it, as a service and on demand.

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Get the agility of cloud — everywhere

Forget maintaining, upgrading, and tuning on-prem, edge, and cloud storage in isolated, complex silos. HPE Alletra delivers a common experience across clouds — as a service and with limitless scale — through cloud-native management of your entire environment from a single, SaaS-based console.

Run any app — without compromise

Meet any SLA — from core mission-critical and business-critical apps, to remote edge needs, to test/dev and analytics in the cloud. HPE Alletra delivers workload-optimized systems that deliver flexibility without complexity. Enjoy predictable high performance and non-disruptive scale, all backed by 100% availability guarantees for your mission-critical workloads.

Free your data across hybrid cloud

Unleash the true potential of hybrid cloud with a unified data platform from edge to cloud that delivers consistent data services, unified management, and seamless data mobility. Maximize your innovation with performance, flexibility, and scale for every app and mobilize data, wherever it lives, with the best of every cloud.


Get infrastructure that’s self-managing and self-improving — leaving you nothing to do but focus on innovation.

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Harness AI-driven infrastructure

Achieve autonomous infrastructure with predictive intelligence across your IT. Powered by HPE InfoSight, HPE Alletra eliminates complexity, transforms the way you manage resources, and redefines the support experience. End the constant fire-fighting and get your time back.

Get a built for cloud experience

Leverage a true cloud operational experience that provides the same agility and simplicity for every app, across application lifecycles and from edge to cloud. Deploy resources with auto-discovery and zero configuration, right out of the box, and manage 1000s of systems as easily as you manage one.

Consume as-a-service everywhere

Enjoy the cloud ownership experience wherever apps and data live. Instead of owning and maintaining infrastructure, utilize it on demand and as a service. Wherever your apps and data live, HPE Alletra delivers cloud-native simplicity and the flexibility to consume resources exactly as and when you need them.

Meet HPE Alletra

Drive your most demanding workloads

Ideally suited to workloads with extreme latency and availability requirements, HPE Alletra 9000 delivers mission-critical reliability without sacrificing agility. Consolidate traditional and modern mission-critical apps with All-NVMe performance and ultra-low latency — backed by a 100% availability guarantee — and ensure business continuity with a complete suite of advanced DR solutions on-prem and in the cloud.

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Harness maximum efficiency for your apps

For business-critical workloads with strict availability and performance SLAs, there’s HPE Alletra 6000 — built on an ultra-efficient architecture for fast, consistent performance and industry-leading data efficiency. Ensure resiliency with 99.9999% availability guaranteed, scale as you need, and easily extend to the cloud with consistent data services.


Effortlessly manage fleets of any size across disparate geographies. How? Deploying HPE Alletra means connecting to Data Services Cloud Console — and transforming the way you manage infrastructure. Now, cloud-based fleet management with a unified API drives automation at cloud speed and scale.