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Benefits and Support

Attention All Customers, HPE Proactive Care Reports are getting even better. The current reports will be replaced with all new interactive dashboards. Starting in October 2022, your Proactive Care Report information will be accessible on demand at support.hpe.com. For more information about the dashboards, watch the Insight Dashboard video. This page will be updated with additional information about dashboards as it becomes available.

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Enhanced Call Handling

Enhanced Call Handling gives access to technical experts. In the event of a service incident, Proactive Care provides you with access to advanced technical specialists who will manage your case from start to finish. These specialists, armed with advanced diagnostic information, can resolve critical issues faster than ever before.

Proactive Care Service Reports

Proactive Care Service Reports assist with problem prevention. When your devices are connected, HPE can provide you with a set of reports that contain HPE's analysis and recommendations for your connected devices.

  • Incident Report (quarterly)
  • Firmware Software Version (biannually)
  • Proactive Scan (biannually)
Proactive Care Service Enhancements

Customers who have Proactive Care or Proactive Care Advanced on HPE SimpliVity, HPE Synergy, HPE 3PAR arrays or HPE Primera arrays now have access to additional service features including access to the ‘Tech Tips’ video library and general technical advice. Refer to the datasheet addendums and FAQ’s for more information.

Learn More

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Read the HPE Synergy addendum and FAQ

Read the HPE 3PAR and HPE Primera Arrays addendum and FAQ

Connectivity Installation Assistance

Connectivity Installation Assistance enables automatic problem notification to HPE. We can fix issues faster when your devices are connected to HPE. To get your devices connected, call HPE and say "Insight Remote Support."

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Proactive Report Review

A Technical Account Manager or your HPE Authorized Service Partner can review your personalized reports and recommendations with you.

Detailed instructions

Proactive Care Advanced

Proactive Care Advanced contains all the features of Proactive Care, plus:

  • An assigned account support manager
  • Technology services support credits
  • Critical event management