Virtual Machines
General Purpose VMs
Use VMware or Red Hat hypervisors and either HPE converged or industry-standard systems to deliver cost or performance optimized infrastructure.

Virtual Machines
Enterprise-Ready VMs
Use HPE Synergy composable systems and either HPE Primera or Nimble storage, these choices enable you to manage performance and re-compose resources as needed.

Virtual Machines
Hyperconverged VMs
Simplify IT environments with unprecedented efficiency, performance, resiliency, and intelligence. Choose from HPE SimpliVity and Nutanix software-defined platforms.

Private Cloud
Private Cloud VMs
This on-premises, pay-per-use private cloud solution is ideal for your cloud-native applications and workloads, whether you need 100 VMs or 1000's of VMs per month.

Installed preconfigured container service that is fully managed in your data center on HPE Synergy.

Machine Learning
ML Ops
Offers an optimized stack with built-in ML libraries and frameworks as well as an ML workload-centric infrastructure.

Data Protection
Works with your choice of backup and recover software to deliver robust, flexible, on-premises, enterprise-wide data protection with intelligent deduplication.

General Purpose Storage
Designed for both primary and secondary flash workloads, HPE Nimble Adaptive Flash hybrid storage arrays combine affordable flash performance with radically simple architecture.