Law delivers Globetrotter Thunder

Sep. 28, 2013 @ 06:02 PM

You can call former High Point University post player Corey Law “Thunder” now.

He doesn’t mind. That’s the moniker he goes by as one of the newest members of the Harlem Globetrotters.
“I truly feel blessed to be part of the Harlem Globetrotters when they start their 88th International Tour in December,” Law told the High Point Enterprise in a telephone interview this week..
That’s heady stuff for a fellow who didn’t know if he was going to play basketball after graduation from HPU. He finished with 693 rebounds, second all-time in HPU’s Division I era, and fourth in blocks, nice stats but not enough to attract attention from the NBA.
“I was coming up on graduation and realizing that I might have to look for a 9-to-5 job,” Law said. “I had hired an agent and was exploring the possibility of playing pro overseas but hadn’t come up with anything.”
All that changed when he got a phone call on May 6, two days after graduation.
“The fellow said that the Globetrotters might be interested in me,” Law said. “At first, I thought it might be a joke. I thought somebody might be punking me.”
The Globetrotters became interested in Law because of his performance in the Collegiate Slam Dunk contest held in conjunction with the Final Four.
Law got a spot in that competition by winning the vote in the Dark Horse Dunker competition.
It also didn’t hurt that he has a 44-inch vertical leap.
The Globetrotters like him so much that he became one of five players selected in their June draft.
“Our scouting department has had its eye on Corey for a while, and after we saw him at the Slam Dunk Championship this year, that definitely raised our interest — so much that we drafted him back in June,” said Globetrotters director of player personnel Sweet Lou Dunbar in an email.
Law then was invited to a tryout camp in August at Atlantic City, N.J. Law said the hopefuls were judged on their basketball skills, not how well they would fit into the troupe’s comedy routines.
“After all, we do play basketball,”  Law said. “We warmed up and they wanted to see what we could do. We tried some crazy lob passes and we competed in a slam dunk contest and played some 5-on-5, just regular basketball.”
Law was among four rookies who made the cut, becoming the third player to make the Globetrotters after winning the Dark Horse Dunker contest.
“When we brought him in to one of our tryout camps, he impressed us with his charisma, athleticism and powerful dunks, and that’s when we decided to invite him to training camp. We are very excited to have him on the team,” Dunbar said.
The training camp lasted from Sept. 9-16.
“To be on the court with the veterans that first day was really cool,” Law said.
He also learned how to do things the Globetrotter way and started to learn the comedy routines.
“The older guys helped me with a lot of things,” Law said. “Some of them were simple things. I thought I could spin the ball on my finger pretty good but they showed me I was doing it all wrong. And we worked on bouncing the ball and catching it behind my neck, and what I’m going to do in the warmup circle before the game. I was the youngest guy there so to learn from the veterans was something.”
For now, Law just waits at his home in Virginia until he begins touring with the Globetrotters. A team spokesman said that unless Law is chosen for a mini-tour to Australia or to participate  in shows for the military, he won’t see action until the international tour starts on Dec. 26.
“I’ll spend time with my family, just stay in shape and keep my basketball skills sharps so I’ll be ready to go,” said Law, who planned to be back at HPU this weekend and will return next weekend.
The Globetrotters have different teams which play up to four cities on the same day. One of the units will play six dates, including shows in Greensboro and Winston-Salem, in North Carolina during March .
When he steps on the court for his first Globetrotters game, it will be the first time he will see them in person.
“I watched them on TV once when I was like 13 but I never saw them live,” Law said. “To be picked is still like a dream come true for me to be able to travel the world with Harlem Globetrotters because when you walk into a room, everyone knows who the Harlem Globetrotters are. This is definitely a blessing.”