Fatyol signs with Greensboro College

Jul. 20, 2013 @ 05:13 PM

Scott Fatyol knew his goal was to play college soccer. So, he dedicated himself to doing everything to achieve that goal.

Whether it was working out in the gym, doing things on his own like kicking off a curb or juggling or training with his teammates, he wanted to put everything he had into becoming a college soccer player.
Now Fatyol, a recent High Point Central graduate, has taken a big step in achieving that goal having committed with NCAA Division III Greensboro College to continue his soccer career at the next level and keep pushing to achieve more.
“It’s always been a goal of mine to play college athletics,” he says. “Now that I’ve made it, I’m not dwelling on it. I’m thinking about the next thing and working hard over the summer. Then, my next goal is to get into the starting lineup and keep improving.”
Fatyol, the son of Thomas and Lauren, started playing soccer when he was 4 years old, recalling he may’ve been a bit on the wild side and his parents wanted to put in something constructive. From there, he’s kept playing.
He played recreationally at the Piedmont Soccer Alliance, was invited to play Challenge and continued to improve. Although he played sports like basketball and baseball, he stuck with soccer because his physique and enjoyment naturally suited it.
“I think I was just born with that passion for it,” says Fatyol, who played center-mid for the Bison. “... Soccer’s always just been exciting and fun. I’ve just been able to grow as a player and keep moving forward.”
He did, however, face a challenge during the club season following his sophomore year. After playing well that year as a starter for Central, he had a difficult time figuring out a new coach and why he wasn’t playing.
It was a bit of a crisis of confidence, and he doubted whether he actually did have what it takes. Eventually, though, he got his opportunity, things turned around, and he focused on making the most of it.
“I just wondered, ‘Am I not good enough?’” he says. “But I kept working hard and then I got on the field more, and by the end of the season I was starting. It’s the ups and downs of the sport. What carried me through was just my love for the game.”
Fatyol played a key role for the Bison through the midfield, using his ability to defend as well as control and distribute the ball to his advantage. He twice earned all-conference, all-region and team MVP and was twice named team captain.
“He’s one of the most technically sound players I’ve ever coached or seen play,” Central coach Kate Finch says. “He’s one of those players in the center-mid who you want to get the ball to their feet. He’s a playmaker.
“It’s like he knows what he’s going to do with the ball before he gets it. He’s quick — very quick. His work ethic stands out, and he’s a natural leader. He doesn’t always need to be the most vocal one — he is vocal, but people look to him for what he does.”
Through his club coach, Dustin Fonder, who is the men’s coach at High Point University, he built a relationship with Greensboro coach John Trice, who is a former assistant at HPU. Although he also considered Roanoke, he decided on The Pride.
“He’s seen me play quite often, so that was a big plus to have a very good relationship with the coach already,” says Fatyol, who wants to study business. “I’m not saying that gives me an advantage, but it’s helpful.
“The final piece was that the soccer team is just looking to compete, looking to win conferences and get into the NCAA tournament. That’s what I’m about — compete win and grow as a player.”