Your View: Revitalization ideas can ‘Ignite High Point’

Jun. 05, 2013 @ 06:23 PM

I appreciate Harry Owen sharing his comments (Your View, May 31, “Container complexes won’t help downtown”) regarding master planner Andres Duany and his plan to Ignite High Point.  I am sure it is difficult for many people to fully appreciate the innovative ideas that were presented.
Visionaries are often criticized. I remember from history books that Thomas Edison was laughed at for thinking that anyone could produce a light bulb.  As for High Point, I know we need to grow and improve as a community. I know that areas like our downtown need to be revitalized to encourage more entertainment and enterprise.
I want a better High Point for all of us.  I want a High Point that would be attractive for my kids to live and work and play.  I wonder if Owen attended any of the marvelous Ignite High Point events. Duany expertly covered every one of the points raised in his letter.
I do not know for sure if every one of Duany’s ideas will work.  What I do know after attending several of the meetings is that an energy and excitement was created that I have never seen before in High Point.  My hope is that, years from now, we will look back at 2013 as High Point’s “light bulb” moment.
High Point

Sea-cans will not bring me downtown
I have followed the ongoing discussion and suggestions proposed by urban planner Andres Duany with interest and skepticism. First I would be very interested to know how much we (the citizens of High Point) are paying him for his opinion?
I cannot imagine that “sea-cans” as retail businesses or restaurants would draw me downtown.
I would be very interested in more up-scale restaurants or other “destination” worthy venues. Also where would he propose to park all these people visiting the sea-cans if he wants to put them  in the current parking lots?
How much time have our city planners spent consulting with the neighboring cities of Greensboro and Winston-Salem concerning the issue of revitalization? I think they could learn a lot about “growing” downtown by reaching out to these cities as they have past and present successful ideas ... and none involved “sea-cans”! Sorry to keep repeating the words “sea-cans,” but the idea is so ridiculous it’s hilarious!
High Point


Preliminary and final reports are now being prepared by urban planner Andres Duany. What do you think of some of his suggestions  — downtown loft apartments; landscaped and narrower section of N. Main Street; pop-up retail businesses in sea-cans in parking lots; business incubator at Oak Hollow Mall; and others? In 30 words or less (no name, address required), email your thoughts to or visit — — and post a comment online.