Your View: Healthful eating can be accomplished with ease

Mar. 11, 2013 @ 01:46 AM

Guilford County continues to add options for people who want to eat healthfully. Our Guilford County Public Health Department, along with others, provides free educational materials to help you learn more about what healthful eating is and how to prepare foods to give you the greatest nutritional benefit. Visit the Health Info A-Z section of our website,
Our close proximity to area farms provides access to fresh, locally grown produce and meats. From the state-run Piedmont Triad Farmers Market at Sandy Ridge to vegetables sold off the back of a pickup truck down the street, fresh from the ground foods are available.
Also, we have community gardens throughout the county that make it possible for individuals and families to grow their own produce, even closer to home.  Many gardens, including the Health Department’s, donate their vegetables to local food pantries.  One tomato plant in a pot on your back step is a start in the right direction.
March is National Nutrition Month.  It’s a good time to make ourselves aware of the healthful foods available to us and remind ourselves of how important it is to our health as individuals, families and a community to choose and eat healthful foods. Spring vegetables are already growing and it won’t be long before you’ll see them for sale. The best time of the year for healthful eating is upon us! I hope your readers will choose local and in season, and by doing so, choose better health.
The writer is Guilford County’s health director.

Cardinals picking pope are literally locked in
I have slight corrections to Mark Nickens’ column on Saturday (“Conclave: Another pope coming soon”).
There actually have been several changes to the Conclave rules in the past five or so years, a couple in the last few weeks.  However, most are just technical such as how soon the Conclave can start since this is not after the death of a pope.
One important thing, however, the simple majority rule after a certain number of votes put in place by Pope John Paul II was removed by Pope Benedict in June 2007.  The election will require two-thirds +1 for an election instead of a simple majority no matter how many ballots it takes.
The Cardinals will stay in a secure “hotel” setting, actually they are small one room apartments. Decent but not the Ritz. It is attached to the Sistine Chapel; they are literally locked in, and have no contact with the outside world in any way electronic or otherwise.
If the Cardinals become deadlocked, they are to have a day of prayer and reflection. Then the two Cardinals with the most votes on the last balloting are the only candidates and they may not vote, but the number required for a valid election will continue to be two-thirds majority .
The current Vatican document covering the conclave is Universi Domini Gregis.
High Point

Laws prohibiting sweepstakes are just
In his 1963 “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “A just law is a man-made code that squares with moral law or the law of God.
According to an article in The High Point Enterprise on Feb. 5, Judy Mendenhall’s statement that she’d seen no evidence that sweepstakes (gambling) businesses generate crime or other problems amazed me. Addiction IS a problem, which had to be addressed when the state lottery was passed. A transfer of $1 million annually was allotted for gambling addiction education and treatment programs at that time. Sweepstakes businesses have been banned, and I can’t imagine why Councilwoman Mendenhall is supporting their return.
As for her comments concerning zoning laws and not zoning for moral reasons, I can think of no better reason. She should take to heart what the Rev. King said.
High Point



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