Your View: Guest Column - Republican revisions will ruin state government

Mar. 10, 2013 @ 06:44 PM


No truer statement has ever been spoken concerning the Republican’s in  the North Carolina government. They are not there to govern ALL the people of this state, nor are they following a democratic process. I’m not even sure they are representing the majority of Republicans that voted for them. Unless none of the bills they have passed with lightening speed will affect any of their constituents. Guess there are no Republican/Tea Partiers on unemployment or any that  are in need of help with health care.
So far, their agenda has been to slash unemployment benefits before they put any job bills in place, and refuse to accept funding to make health care affordable for all the citizens of this state. By the way, our faux governor is so proud of that moment, he had to sign the bill in the dark of his office. Anything anyone does in secret he is bound to be ashamed of.
But hey, Jerry Tillman is not without compassion, he  wants to make it possible for you to get a 300 percent interest loan from your local loan shark. They are moving ahead with their plans to fire board commissions/judges because they are not the “same as them.” The Legislature is going to throw  our figure-head rubber-stamp governor a bone; he gets to pick the replacements, as long as they are all “good little Republicans” and were or are employed by Duke/Progress Energy.  Tidbit — one of those boards is the Utilities Commission, the same commission that gets to decide how much rate increase Duke/Progress energy gets to charge you and me for electric service.
He really shouldn’t have a problem, I’m sure he can move to the $100,000 tier of his campaign donors for replacements. After all he’s already given the $200,000 tier donors their requested spoils.
A bill was  introduced  to require  us to have photo IDs to vote, because we have so much voter fraud in this state — 22 cases since year 2000!  Hogwash, they are doing it for the same reason they drew those Etch-A-Sketch voter districts. They are self-serving bigoted hypocrites.
You better believe I will have one of those IDs to exercise my right to vote.  I will cast no vote for any current Republican, if one is running unopposed, I will write in  the name of Wiley Coyote!
God help any Republican or Tea-Party hypocrite that approaches me at the voting site.