Your View: Guest Column - It’s Miley’s party, she can do what she wants

Oct. 11, 2013 @ 05:52 PM


Miley. Miley. Miley. Lately it seems that whichever website we open, on any given day, there she is — blonde boy-cut and vibrant red lipstick.
Last week, record producer Mike WiLL Made It’s music video for “23” featuring Miley was released, and in it she sports Michael Jordan’s jersey number on her bikini-bottoms while prancing around a high school.
Before that, it was the release of the near-nude music video for “Wrecking Ball.” And we can’t forget what really started all of this, Miley’s provocative foam-finger dancing at the VMA’s.
Some people are outraged. Some people are supportive. Others are just plain confused. The one thing everyone can agree on is that Miley cannot seem to stay out of the spotlight.
So why has Miley’s behavior become so extreme lately?
Is she breaking away from the boundaries that Disney has placed on her? Is she doing it all for the boost in her career? Or has she just gone off the deep end?
In my opinion, Miley is doing everything right for her career. She’s breaking records and getting attention. Within 24 hours of releasing her new video “Wrecking Ball,” it hit close to 20 million views on the video streaming site Vevo.
Her reputation may be taking a hit, but she is making money and becoming even more well-known. According to, Miley’s net worth is approximately $150 million and still climbing.
Take a moment and compare Miley’s behavior to other things we are exposed to through the media.
Flip through the TV and, at any given time, there will be on a reality show filled with sex. Or, maybe the show will be more geared toward excessive drug-use and violence.
Miley isn’t much more outrageous.
We see extreme behavior every day and Miley is no different. She has our attention and she’s using it to her advantage. Not much is censored in today’s society, and in order to stick out, you must really push the limits and do something that has not been done before.
Sex sells but ordinary, traditional sex-appeal is no longer a guaranteed selling point. Beauty is appreciated and models are envied, but in order to hold the spotlight, many celebrities must find a more unique approach.
With so much competition for the spotlight, celebrities are doing one outrageous act after another.
Britney Spears and Madonna kissed at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards. Lady Gaga is always sporting over-the-top outfits. Major Lazer’s music video for the song “Bubble Butt” is focused solely on women shaking their bare bums.
All of these instances receive and have received media attention but not to the same caliber as Miley.
If Miley’s goal was to be seen by the public as a classy and sophisticated young adult, she would be doing it all wrong. But that’s not the case.
In the words of Miley herself, “forget the haters ‘cause somebody loves ya.”
Miley wants the fame, regardless of the negative backlash.
Miley warned us that she “can’t stop” and “won’t stop,” so when her next music video surfaces, if you don’t want to show support to this unconventional celebrity, simply don’t click play.

Caitlin St. John is a senior journalism major at High Point University.