Your View: Don’t blame Democrats for shutdown

Oct. 09, 2013 @ 04:20 PM

Just so your Fox News listeners know — the government shutdown resulted due to House Republicans that would not vote for a temporary budget proposal without defunding a current law (aka Obamacare). This is not the way to overrule a law, according to our Constitution.
There is no reason for the Democratic Senate to “negotiate” on this budget. If they did, it would set a precedent that would basically say that whoever loses, gains. Doesn’t make sense, does it? I don’t understand why so many intelligent people that profess to be Christians would “hate” a law that gives those without a chance to improve their lot in life.
They say they don’t want the government between them and their doctor, but they want people that they don’t even know to decide what type of care they are entitled to. At least with the government, we have a chance to vote for who we want to represent us. And “we” are not all white, employed males with our own health care plan that is now going up, due to Obamacare.
Let’s face it — the insurance companies are afraid they’re going to lose money if they can’t refuse to insure people with pre-existing conditions, or charge more for women. But they’re not going to lose money, the bonuses to CEOs will just not be as large as what they may be used to (they are supposed to be a non-profit organization.) Look at California — their premiums for insurance are dropping, because they chose to participate in the government exchange. North Carolina Republicans opted out. Please don’t even think that Democrats are the ones to blame.
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Coptic Christians are targets in Egypt
I wish to comment on the reporting by the U.S. media concerning recent events in Egypt. This is a true story reported by Alaa al Aswany, a famous Egyptian commentator on Sept. 17 concerning recent events in the village of Delga in the Province of Minya in Southern Egypt.
Iskandar Toos was a 60-year-old Coptic Christian, married and with children who eked out a living as a barber. He was standing at the door of his house when a large band of Muslim Brothers came and wanted to burn his house down. They had already burnt two churches, one of them 1,600 years old, and many of the other Coptic Christian houses in the village.
Iskandar Toos refused to move. Words were exchanged. This infuriated the band of Brothers. They caught him and proceeded to beat him savagely on his head and all over his body. They then lynched him. After that they butchered him from his legs on up through his torso.
A well-meaning Muslim buried him. The band of Brothers then exhumed his body and continued to desecrate it.
My question is why doesn’t the press report such an incident when reporting on the village of Delga?
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Whose fault is it for the government shutdown? Who do you blame and why?
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• In 2006, Obama (correctly) said raising debt ceiling was unpatriotic.  Now he’s like a drug addict with our national credit card, incurring debt our grandchildren will struggle to repay.