Your View: Guest Column - Can anti-Sims faction lead in a real crisis?

Oct. 08, 2013 @ 06:36 PM


Wow! It has brought me to this moment to speak out concerning the bashing of a daughter of this city. How quickly the tides turned against our mayor who has labored for several years as a councilwoman with integrity and a passion to see her city flourish. She serves faithfully on numerous community organizations and ran as a mayoral candidate on a shoestring budget, coming out successfully as our present mayor.
As much as I love our fair city and would like to think that we are past the days of segregation, these past few months have caused me to question the motives behind the venomous attacks requesting Mayor Sims to step down.
There are council members calling for her to step down because of her failure to timely pay a utility bill and owed taxes, saying this alone speaks of her integrity. They are also using the fact that she is under criminal investigation because of a family issue. It is a massive presumption to say that Mayor Sims’ financial/legal difficulties will somehow diminish her integrity.
The question that it has raised in my mind is this: High Point is a city in Guilford County and we are approximately 12 miles from the city of Greensboro. We have two mayors which are contrasting in gender and color. Both have financial problems in that the mayor of Greensboro filed bankruptcy and is alleged not to have paid child support in several months, but he has not been asked to abandon his position. Our own Mayor Sims has had to fight off the wolves in order to respectfully serve in her seat. This is what gives me pause to wonder whether we are suffering from blindness because we have economic differences (which mirrors a significant portion of the people of this city), race differences because we can’t envision other skin types as ours, or social problems ... not desiring to be represented by anyone who is not of the same social caliber, the “Good ol’boy syndrome,” fraternal or sorority orders.
In this community, clergy and Christians alike have labored in worship and prayer to bring unity to this city to dispel any prejudices and differences that might exist.
I want to address this sentiment to every council member who has stated that they feel that Mayor Sims’ dilemma has brought negative publicity to this city. You feel as if you can’t get business accomplished because she carries one voting power. It sounds as though you are looking for excuses. Those of you who are opposing the mayor have said that you feel that you can’t effectually work making your best decisions for this city, or feeling that the working atmosphere would be negative and unproductive ... wouldn’t this cause your integrity to be in question? If the morale of the members has suffered with this incident, what will they do if this city experiences an authentic crisis?
Brothers and sisters we ought to show the love of God and extend favor to Mayor Sims, let’s not walk in judgment and unforgiveness.

Glenda D. Ingram lives in High Point.



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