Our View: Don’t damage this program

Oct. 07, 2013 @ 09:39 PM

Let’s hope this is just a temporary setback. And let’s be glad that apparently no one has been injured by these problems.
Guilford County Schools officials have instructed students to discontinue using the 15,000 tablets in the district’s middle schools this year and returned them to the company for critical repairs. The move puts the district’s new personalized learning program on hold, but there’s no question that this was the proper move by school leaders.
According to Guilford officials, about 1,500 of the devices have experienced problems with broken screens. Additionally, the Enterprise reported last week that about 2,000 complaints of problems with tablet cases also have been reported. And there also was a problem one student had at home with a charger for a tablet.
Enterprise news reports said Amplify, the company from which the school district bought the tablets, was supposed to have installed damage-resistant screens in the Guilford tablets but did not, which leads us to wonder why the company would even offer tablet screens that are not damage resistant. That’s a private business decision, but from our standpoint, we would not want a tablet with a screen that’s not damage resistant.
As we said, let’s hope this is just a temporary setback for the district’s personalized learning program. Some $30 million in taxpayer dollars has been invested in this program via the purchase of tablets for students and their teachers, and the potential benefits for students to learn through new technology are readily apparent. Faulty equipment can’t be allowed to sidetrack it.

Trinity folks can get along
From Enterprise news reports of last week’s candidates forum in Trinity, the event sounded pretty uneventful in regard to political fireworks. But it did sound as though much important information was learned about candidates in the city election coming up in November. And that, of course, is what a candidates forum is all about. Kudos to the Archdale-Trinity Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring the forum.
Because of the political spats among members of the Trinity City Council over the past couple of years, some speculated prior to the candidates forum that it had the potential to get a bit ugly. That did not occur, however, which is a much better reflection upon our friends and neighbors in Trinity than were some of the headlines in the past.