Your View: Guest Column - Honor King in other ways than street

Apr. 11, 2014 @ 09:34 PM


High Point Citizens should be worried about more important things than renaming streets after any person.  The MLK renaming is starting to get old.  It takes up City Council’s time and fills the paper with stuff I am sick of reading about.  Why MLK probably wouldn’t appreciate all the wasted time on renaming a street after him.  Instead, if you are true citizens of HP, then get out there and show your neighbors what MLK stood for in your actions and not with your complaining of street renaming.
I am surprised that no one ever mentions us renaming a street after other important people. For example:  Let’s rename Montlieu after Nido  Qubein — who rebuilt part of that area from rundown homes and others on their way to being rundown into a beautiful campus and neighborhood.  Or how about let’s rename a street after John F. Kennedy or Ronald Reagan.
Let’s get real.  Take a look at downtown High Point. Want less crime? Want to really put in action what MLK really wanted us to do?  He promoted nonviolence.  We could come together starting at the core of the city on Main Street and pitch in and clean up the buildings and help promote new small businesses by helping thy neighbor one at a time. And have the City Councilmen in each ward try to do also the same; pitch in.  If your ward is on Main Street, please go to the area and work on helping struggling  businesses stay alive by asking “what can we do for you?”  If you are a citizen and friend of a local business owner downtown, please help them out occasionally or be a patron to them and not big package stores.
There is a MLK Peace Conference for 11 years in Thomasville; participate, instead of renaming another street after MLK.  Ask the people of Montlieu if they want to go to the trouble of changing their address.  Or the people who are busy trying to push this through, they pay for the sign changes.  But there are already signs on Kivett Drive and that’s not enough? King is on our national calendar, too.
For all the busy people agreeing on the name change, let’s get busy on your neighborhood, downtown action for change and come together in peace as King would want it.  Love others, help others and make sure everyone is educated and not ignorant.  Then, maybe we can see eye-to-eye on this on-going deliberation about the name changing and more onward and forward to a better town.  It won’t just happen with a road being renamed.

Pam Stern lives in High Point.


Invest in our children's future

The Week of the Young Child that we celebrated April 6-12 reminds us to nurture and invest in young children.  The first 2,000 days from birth to kindergarten provide experiences that determine how children’s brains are wired, lay the groundwork for future health, and form the foundation of the social/emotional skills needed for academic and workplace success.  Research tells us that:
• High quality early education yields higher graduation rates, reduced crime, higher earnings, and better jobs.
• Every dollar invested in early education produces a 10 percent return on investment through increased personal achievement and social productivity.
• Children who do not get a good start can arrive in kindergarten already 18 months behind and are half as likely to read proficiently by third grade.
• Children who are not reading proficiently by third grade are four times more likely to drop out of high school.
Early childhood investments produce sustained results locally, state-wide, and nationally and are critical to keeping the United States competitive in a global market.  Military leaders have called it a matter of urgent national security; economists have called it critical to America’s competitive future; law enforcement officials have called it a key tool in reducing crime; and educators have called it vital to academic success.



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