Your View: Get rid of all City Council members

Apr. 09, 2014 @ 05:51 PM

The more things change, the more they remain the same.
Feeling a little “Out of the Loop” in High Point? Will it really serve High Point to continue moving forward with this whole “pit” idea? Is High Point really ready to spend $10,000 a month for another freaking consultant?
High Pointers, take note. Your votes to elect representatives in this city mean NOTHING. The elected representatives here are nothing but a mirror of the lawless administration in Washington DC, cowboys and cowgirls who drive their own agendas and make back-room deals that don’t even involve the whole City Council.
I participated in The High Point Enterprise’s online poll this past week and I saw the results as votes were being counted. Only a SLIM minority, according to the poll, have any faith in the plan to narrow Main Street as suggested by the Miami firm and only a few more than that number believe the Chamber of Commerce has a better idea. The vast majority of voters dislike BOTH plans and state we should continue to try to find a remedy for downtown High Point.
Has anyone discussed these results with the City Council? Did they even acknowledge seeing the public’s thoughts before moving forward with their own agendas?
I see the mayor and several sitting members who are drowning in personal scandals and setbacks that can’t possibly be fixed anywhere but at the ballot box. This city needs a watchdog, a pair of eyes supervising each and every member 24-7 and a means to correct the problems found. Instead, we have a Council that works against itself and continues to be the model for inept city government that apparently won’t make any decision that doesn’t benefit Council members personally.
The solution: Re-elect NO ONE! Clean house. Send them ALL packing.
High Point

Celebration honored deserving hero
On behalf of Guide Posts of Strength, I want to thank High Point University for the wonderful “Hometown Hero” welcome given to Olympian and World Champion Speedskater Heather Richardson on April 3. The celebration was such a fitting way to pay tribute to Heather’s winning spirit, her Olympic-sized dreams and accomplishments, and the strong foundation provided by her parents, Pat and Jeff Richardson.
HPU President Nido Qubein has long encouraged his students – and all of us, actually – to reach for the extraordinary. In honoring Heather, HPU allowed us to celebrate a person who embodies the “extraordinary” mindset. Thanks to our local university for bringing the “town and gown” communities together for what I hope will be many more celebrations of the people who make our hometown a place where people can dream big and achieve even bigger.
High Point
The is executive director of Guide Posts of Strength, Inc. Heather Richardson serves as an ambassador for GPS, sharing her inspiration with those on the cancer journey.


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