Your View: Guest Column - Kaiser missed with ‘GOP appropriated God’ column

Feb. 28, 2013 @ 01:22 AM


This is in response to The High Point Enterprise’s Jan. 19 article headlined “GOP appropriated God” by Kristine Kaiser.
First of all, I think her article was absurd and very inappropriate. I totally disagree with her theory that the Republican Party has “appropriated God” to promote their agenda in any way!
What may seem to her as an “appropriation of God” that she claims that the GOP has adopted has, in fact, always been a plank, although not written, in the Republican platform. From the beginning it has been the foundation that our forefathers brought forth to build our great nation upon.
One, in my opinion, cannot separate or delete the principles of God and the Holy teachings of His Scripture from any facet of one’s life, whether it may be private, public or political.
God and the basic principles of the Christian church cannot be separated from one’s political agenda. Faith is the rock upon which our foundation of democracy is built.
Kaiser’s article declares that “politics spoils the church.” The could be true if the church’s members choose to look at issues with a secular frame of mind and do not consider the moral and righteous side of the subjects that they are judging.
A God-fearing church member must consider political issues that surround abortion, homosexuality, same-sex marriages, crimes, wars, our court decisions and our governmental decisions in a religious atmosphere. To do otherwise is completely ignoring the principles that God teaches, and it says to the secular world that they are correct to try and leave God and his church out of our decision-making and our lives.
Our decisions that we make about our politics should be based on the laws and principles laid down by God and not by man. Kaiser’s article also suggests that we should “renounce the Republicans’ sole grip on God.” What an unjust and uninformed statement. I know of no one who says that they have the “sole grip on God.” A statement such as that implies that no on else can see favor in God’s sight. A statement such as that is the farthest thing from God’s teachings. We are all God’s children, Republicans and Democrats alike.
Kaiser’s article suggests that the church should return to an emphasis on true spirituality and the primary mission of the church. This is true in the sense that many of the churches in America today have departed from the original mission of the church and have consequently become a place for social gatherings rather than a holy place to promote and worship God. Let us not forget that we must look to God’s word when making any of life’s decisions even in a political concept.
I do not agree with the theory that we must separate the church from government or, to be “politically correct,” separate “church and state” period! The two must unite hand-in-hand to promote peace and goodwill among all men.

Emmett Sparks lives in Thomasville.