Your View: Let Council know opinions on election changes

Feb. 27, 2013 @ 02:17 AM

Many Council members have been discussing the election options long before they were sworn into office (four-year terms, two-year terms, nonpartisan runoffs, primaries, odd-year verses even-year elections, etc.).  Yet, they cannot seem to get on the same page and present to the constituents what it is they, as a body, want to do.  Council did decide to submit a “blank bill,” which would allow them time to decide what they want to submit to the Legislature, if anything.
A partisan election with a May primary can be adopted by Council, with a referendum being at Council’s will. A May primary date in even numbered years will not pose a problem with the absentee ballot.
An odd numbered year election could be a nonpartisan and runoff election or a nonpartisan primary, which requires a local act of the General Assembly. In the nonpartisan and runoff election no candidate receives majority of votes in the first election in October, with the next highest vote getter can call for a runoff in November election. In nonpartisan primary the first election in October narrows the filed to the two highest vote getters for each seat.
Keep in mind that Council could go to four-year terms, too, without a referendum, although, they are currently talking about two-year terms.  The four-year terms could be implemented no matter the election method. Staggering the terms is, also, a possibility.
It is unclear if Council will place anything on a referendum for the constituents, who elected them back in November. I was told that a unanimous vote is required by Council to make any of these changes.
Constituents may contact Council, petition the Legislature, or attend the public hearing on Monday, March 4, at 4:45 p.m. with signs of support or protest.
High Point

I bet they don’t serve time
So he stole $750,000? And his wife is guilty of lying about their taxes? Anybody want to bet that they serve no time? If a working-class person like us did something like he did, they’d put us under the jail and throw away the keys!



High Point officials are considering the possibility of returning City Council terms to four years instead of the current two years. Should term lengths be changed? In 30 words or less (no name, address required), email us your thoughts to Here is one response:
• Like diapers on a baby, politicians need to be changed often.  The City Council should not do what the voters have rejected. That would be politics at its worst.

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