Your View: Puritans didn’t leave England to escape persecution

Feb. 22, 2013 @ 09:40 PM

I am a regular reader of Mark Nickens’ column and I wish to make some comments on his column from Nov. 11. I find that he was perpetuating a myth about the Church of England.
First, the origin of the Christian Church in Britain dates from approximately 60 A.D. after a visit by Joseph of Arzmethez. It was never an official part of the Roman Church. It is also known as Anglican Catholic, as part of the Holy Catholic Church. The Anglican Church developed along with the other early Christian churches such as Eastern, Syrian and Greek Orthodox.
William I, after the Norman conquest, refused to do homage to the Pope at that time for he did not want to interfere with the Anglican Church. Edward III had law passed to prevent paying taxes to Rome.
Relying on English myths and fables in the stories of Robin Hood, Friar Tuck had to have been Anglican. Had he been Roman, he would have been excommunicated and executed if caught.
Henry VIII did not found or organize the Church of England. He merely took the established church and raised its status to official state church, which is one reason we have the First Amendment to prevent a state church.
Secondly, dealing with the Puritans, they left England not because they were persecuted, but because they were not allowed to persecute others. They went to Holland, but when the Dutch became involved in a war with the French, they went back to England, then to the Americas.
One last note about these freedom-loving people, on Oct. 27, 1659, William Robinson and Marmeduke Stevenson, two Quakers who came from England in 1656 to escape religious persecution, were executed in the Massachusetts Bay colony for their religious beliefs. The Massachusetts General Court had banned Quakers from the colony under penalty of death.
High Point

Just get ID if you want to vote
Lets look at voter ID Laws. To vote is a privilege that is reserved for American citizens, and it needs to be protected.  Showing ID should be essential. You have to show ID to get drugs from your pharmacist, to withdraw money from your bank account, to cash a check, to get into many federal buildings, to get a library card, a drivers license, when you go to see a doctor, and to purchase a gun.  
To get a credit card, you have to give your Social Security number and your bank account numbers. You have to prove who you are to buy insurance, purchase a home or a car. Employees of many places of business have to wear photo identification badges.
Yet voting is left to chance. If you want to vote you will obtain identification. If you do not care to vote, then why should you care about requiring ID? So, lets get rid of these stupid arguments that voter ID will prevent people from voting. It should be law that you prove you are an American citizen before you are allowed to vote.


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