Your View: Resolve this runaway-obsession with guns

Feb. 16, 2013 @ 06:13 PM

Many excellent, life-saving proposals to curtail gun related deaths are now hopelessly mired in the quasi-religious nonsense of Second Amendment idiocy.  What began as an adult conversation to restrain gratuitous killing has been eclipsed by raucous insanity and presented as a perimeter issue threatening constitutional integrity.  The urgency to save lives is now only a foray into the silly season of Hill Billy pandering, led by such right-wing stalwarts as Wayne LaPierre and Gayle Trotter.
I find no need to pretend that value exists in the incredulous ramblings of Second Amendment provocateurs who cater to infantile emotions and back-wood mentalities.  Their arguments are only asinine attempts to confuse the issue. However, I do marvel that modern-day people reason in such a manner that human life becomes secondary to written propositions.
This secondary concern for life undoubtedly lies somewhere in a confluence of base instincts seeking to stem the tide of social progress.  America suffers as a result of this win-at-any-cost obstructionism that is now the political strategy of losers.  And human life becomes cheaper than the words spoken by dead men from a time long past.
Civilized debate is good. And I wish, now, that some solution to this runaway-obsession with guns could be negotiated. But, unfortunately, civility has been replaced by a siege mentality and the rage of those hostile to change that threatens a privileged way of life. Gun control has, now, been lost in the maniacal pursuit of gun dominance.  A legitimate means to own the most guns, with the most firepower, and to kill with immunity, is the new American pursuit.
Perhaps this insanity may eventually become the solution.  There will be no need for debate because there will be only one gunfighter left standing.  Enjoy your gun, your Second Amendment, and your lonely life.
High Point

Thanks for helping return Snickers home
Please accept this letter of gratitude to the officers of the High Point Police Department, Animal Control, The High Point Enterprise, Fox 8 Television and the devoted animal lovers of the High Point community.
Our lives were turned upside down on Christmas Eve when Snickers, an Australian Labradoodle, was lost in Kernersville. His journey lead him to High Point where he was found seven weeks later. During those long 49 days, Snickers ran full of fear, with barbed wire wrapped snugly around his body. Animal Control was called out numerous times in attempts to catch him. Police officers scanned the roads and streets and called in sightings while attending their normal duties.
The High Point Enterprise raised awareness with its print and online stories, and by relaying developing leads. Fox 8 did the same and even stayed to physically search on one occasion. The dog lovers of High Point banded together posting or handing out thousands of flyers. They searched tirelessly on foot and in their cars all the while praying faithfully for Snicker’s safe return.
At 7:30 a.m. Feb. 11, I was notified that Snickers was in the large animal human trap that Bobby Farrington so devotedly set. Miranda Hawkins sat in the rainy mist beside the trap until I could arrive 45 minutes later. Snickers is now home, the barbed wire has been removed, and his scars are mending. For his safe return we are forever grateful to you all!



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