Your View: Guest Column - Obama consigns traditional values to the ‘dark side’

Feb. 15, 2013 @ 02:00 PM


As often happens, science fiction somehow manages to emerge as reality. From the fictional communicators used by the original captain Kirk on the Starship Enterprise to the use of lasers in ways once only imagined, some ideas seem to rise from the realm of mere imagination into real life. Such is the case with mere ideas as well, those that, while once fictional, eventually appear as controlling worldviews.
Take, for example, the kind of reality once envisioned by George Lucas with his portrayal of absolutists as evil in the epic battle between Obi-wan Kanobi with Anakin Skywalker, a scene in which absolutes were consigned to the “dark side.” Said Obi-Wan to Anakin, “Only the dark side deals in absolutes,” and with that one statement, Lucas captured, in fiction, the very mindset that Obama communicated, in reality, to the nation. Said Obama in his second inaugural address, “We cannot mistake absolutism for principle …” 
At first glance, the statement seems harmless, but essentially, Obama, like the fictional Obi-won, demonized those who believe that absolute truth and morality really exist, or as the famed Jedi put it, those who “deal” in absolutes. Hence, the president’s appeal wasn’t your ordinary call for cooperation, but rather, the consignment of those whose worldview includes unwavering moral standards to the dark side. He wasn’t referring to peripheral political concessions, but to those committed to the Judeo-Christian ethic, particularly those who resist abortion and the gay community’s quest for marriage on solid theological and moral grounds. At that moment he indicted the likes of Hobby Lobby owners David and Barbara Green, Chick-fil-A CEO Truett Cathy, and anyone else, who might deem the life of the unborn and marriage, respectively, absolutely sacred by divine design.
President Obama, although more craftily, expressed the same sentiment as Madeline Albright, some years ago, who despised President Bush because, according to her, his “certitude about what he believes in, and the division between good and evil … the absolute truth is what makes Bush so worrying to some of us” (CNN: May 22, 2006, “Politics: Bush’s faith worries Albright”).   
Did you get that? She preferred a president without certitude about good and evil, or better yet, the absolutes upon which he stood — enter Obama.
Obama’s war on theological and moral certitude didn’t just appear overnight. It was  evident several years ago in “The Audacity of Hope,” with his obvious disdain for Alan Keys and his view on practically every moral issue, and again in the same book with his admission that some “revelation” about gay marriage could easily change his mind on the issue as if the God he claims to serve is a convenient moral relativist or just hasn’t convincingly addressed the issue at all.
Then it surfaced most recently in his second inaugural address with an eloquent but serious message to those who opposed him to drop their absolutist opposition to his efforts.
Simply put, Obama declared war on those who believe both truth and morality to be absolute and in doing so officially declared war on the God of the Bible and the very Christ before whom he claimed to bow many years ago. He has chosen the Jedi over Jesus.
Essentially, science fiction once again becomes reality. Theological and, hence, moral certitude has been officially consigned to the “dark side” as Obama subtly, and officially, paved the way to justify calling evil good and good evil.

Tony Watts is a preacher and writer who lives in Thomasville.